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Who Wrote The Famous Book 'A Brief History Of Time' In 1988? 
Stephen Hawking 
Who wrote the opera 'norma'?
Vincenzo Bellini
Popularised in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, which thick drink is made with fresh fruit pur?ed with milk, yoghurt, or ice cream? 
Which is the only species of mammal that can't jump?
What is the basic unit of currency for Italy ?
Which U.S. president said, "The buck stops here"
"Entre nous" means __________.
Between ourselves
Arc, radius, and sector are parts of a(n) _________.
Who Is Or Was The Oldest Member Of The Beatles
Ringo Starr
Whose Nickname Was Satchmo 
Louis Armstrong 
What was the town that ancient Greeks believed to be the centre of the world, and was the home of a famous oracle?
What Does A Manometer Measure 
What Do The Initials TT Stand For In Regard With The Isle Of Man Motorcyle Race? 
Tourist Trophy 
Nolan Bushnell, creator of the first arcade game, also founded the video arcade chain now known as what?
Chuck E. Cheese's
This game of chance was originally called 'Beano'.
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