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A flat board used by a painter to mix and hold colors, traditionally oblong, with a hole for the thumb; also, a range of colors used by a particular painter.
Who was the first voice of Mickey Mouse?
Walt Disney
If wine is made from grapes what is Tequila made from 
The filbert is an alternative name for which nut
What is the capital of Gabon?
Which military battle took place in 1815
An adjective meaning 'pertaining to the sun.'
Arc, radius, and sector are parts of a(n) _________.
Which band featured Paul McGuigan on bass?
Who Wrote A personal cheque for $23,000,000 when buying RKO ? 
Howard Hughes 
Who founded the Salvation Army?
William Booth
What is normal body temperature for an adult human
97.8 F or 36.5C
In which sport must the ball have a diameter of at least 42.67 millimetres and weigh no less than 45.93 grams? 
Golf Ball 
In the 'Extreme Battle' mini-game in 'Resident Evil 2', what characters are selectable?
Claire, Leon, Ada, and Chris
Tic-Tac-Toe is based on which game ?
Nine men morris
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