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Name The Tibetan Mountain Retreat Featured In (The Lost Horizon) 
What famous singer was known to give automobiles to complete strangers?
Elvis Presley
Chablis comes from which French wine region? 
Who is the only man to have been both chief justice and president of the US?
William Taft
What is the largest country in the world? 
Russia (c.17 million square kilometres) 
How Many Ships Came Sailing In On Christmas Day 
What is the literal meaning of 'pince-nez'?
Pinch nose
What is x to the power of zero equal to?
Who Recorded The Albums "Tango In The Night" & "The Mask"
Fleetwood Mac
What Letter Do Most British Names Begin With 
Persephone was the Greek goddess of ______?
To The Nearest 250 Grams, What Is The Weight Of An Average Liver 
1.75kg (4lbs) 
Which weight division in boxing lies between flyweight and featherweight?
In Chrono Trigger, who is the "Master of War?"
Tic-Tac-Toe is based on which game ?
Nine men morris
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