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According To "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" what number is the answer to everything?
Forty Two
Who played Matt Helm in the movies?
Dean Martin
German dish of chopped cabbage? 
What links Sergeant Joe Friday and Babe Ruth
714 - Fridays badge no Ruth record
Which country administers Christmas Island
What show featured Nell Carter as a larger than life housekeeper? 
Gimme a Break 
What is the literal meaning of 'pince-nez'?
Pinch nose
What geometric shape has 4 equal sides?
Which Album Opened With "Start Me Up"
Tattoo You
What instrument does Vanessa Mae play 
In Greek mythology, what was Minos the king of?
He is known for his theory of "Evolution".
Charles darwin
As at August 2004, who is England's all time top goal scorer? 
Bobby Charlton 
In Sonic the Hedgehog, the character Knuckles is what species?
This is the oldest board game still played (5000 yr old boards were found)
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