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What Was The Title Of The First Ever James Bond Novel 
Casino Royale 
Which 1960's group sang a song inspired by 'Alice In Wonderland'?
The Jefferson Airplane
What Would You Be Drinking If You Were Given Earl Grey 
Arab terrorists hijack Italian ocean liner _____ & kill an American passenger
Achille lauro
What is the capital of Chechnya? 
What did President J. Buchanan not have
A wife
What is the meaning of the Mercedes Benz motto 'Das beste oder nichts'?
The best or nothing
If you cut through a solid sphere what shape will the flat area be?
Who Recorded The Classic 1987 Song "If I Was Your Girlfriend"
Which British Director Attempted To Appear In All The Films He Directed? 
Alfred Hitchcock 
What was the name of the mythical hero-king who slew Grendal?
In Which Country Is The Daewoo Company Based 
Canadian Ben Johnson Famously Lost His Olympic Title,World Record & Gold Medal By Failing A Drugs Test At The Summer Olympics But Where & When Did This Take Place ' Where (Country) & When (Year) ' 
1988, Seoul / Korea 
The Sega Genesis game about two lost aliens looking for their spaceship was called what?
ToeJam and Earl
In roulette, what number is green?
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