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The effect of the harmony of color and values in a work.
Who played the lead in the movie "Erin Brokovich"?
Julia Roberts
What is the main flavour in the following alcohols 'Cassis'? 
What does an agriologist study
Primitive cultures
What is the basic unit of currency for United States ?
What Was The Name Of The Film Which First Featured Bing Crosby's Song 'White Christmas' 
Holiday Inn 
What is the official language of Senegal?
What is the minimum number of integer degrees in a reflex angle?
What Kind Of Of Arrow Did ABC Want You Th Shoot Through Their heart In The 1980's
Whose Catchphraase Is 'Nice To See You To See You Nice' 
Bruce Forsythe 
Who founded the People's Temple Commune?
Jim Jones
Which meteor shower occurs on the 21st October ?
At what age did Will Carling first become England skipper? 
In the game "Chrono Trigger," what is Lucca's mother's name?
Mundane toy that involved sticking plastic pieces on scenes.
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