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A late-nineteenth-century French school of painting. It focused on transitory visual impressions, often painted directly from nature, with an emphasis on the changing effects of light and color.
What is the official birthplace of country music?
Black German rye bread 
What is a Texas Ruby Red
What continent is sierre leone in 
What did Ed Peterson invent?
Egg Mcmuffin
Multiple Meanings: Drinking utensils or sight-enhancers.
The square root of 1 is?
Stacy Lattisaw Had A UK Top 3 Hit In 1980 With The Song Jump To The Beat But Who Got To No 8 In The UK Charts With Their Version Of It In 1991
Danni Minogue
By what name is Allen Konigsberg better known?
Woody Allen
What is a person who has made a pilgimage to Mecca?
What is the latin name for the top set of vertebrae?
Who won the Bahrain Grand Prix at weekend? 
Fernando Alonso 
In the game Joust, what animal was your mount?
An Ostritch
Number of points lost for scratching off the blue ball in snooker
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