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A printing process in which ink impressions are taken from a flat stone or metal plate prepared with a greasy substance, such as an oily crayon.
What TV network features programming just for children?
What is the main ingredient of Tapanade? 
Who was Time Magazine woman of the year in 1936
Wallis simpson
Where is the Holy Kaaba?
What does LL Cool J.'s name stand for? 
Ladies Love Cool James 
What word contains the combination of letters: "xop"?
How many corners are there in a cube
Which American Vocal Group Scored Their First UK Top Ten Hit In 1996 With "We Got It Going On"
Backstreet Boys
Who Was The Joan Collins Fan Club? 
Julian Clarey 
Who is referred to in the New Testament as 'the disciple Jesus loved'?
What Is The Study Of Earthquakes Called 
In which city is the Hockey Hall of Fame located?
What are names of the two brothers in the Double Dragon games?
Billy and Jimmy
How many pieces are found in a chess set ?
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