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Who created Sherlock Holmes ?
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
How old was Leann Rhimes when she became a country music star?
Which dessert was created in honour of a famous ballet dancer? 
In Greek mythology, who did minos hire to construct the labyrinth
___________________ includes the islands of New Britain and New Ireland.
Papua new guinea
How many ghosts appeared to Scrooge in Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' 
Merging the words 'melt' and 'weld' created which word?
What is the name given to a curve that approaches a line, but never quite touches it?
Which Country Singer Is Known As "The Coal Miners Daughter"
Loretta Lynn
Who Was Known As Scarface 
Al Capone 
What's heaven to fallen Norse warriors?
What Diameter Floppy Disks Were Introduced By Ibm In 1970 
8 Inch 
Which Brothers Represented England In The 1995 Rugby Union World Cup And Also Appeared With Their Mother In An Advert For Pizza Hut, All We Need Is Their Surname 
Rory & Tony Underwood 
What is Ozzie's hyper sister's name in the original 'All-C Saga' game?
Name the only flexible murder weapon in the game of "Cluedo".
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