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Which publishing company was founded in London in 1935 by Allen Lane? 
Who played the lead in the movie "Braveheart"?
Mel Gibson
What is the main flavour in the following alcohols 'Curacao' ? 
Logophobia is the fear of
Filled with water, gas, electric, telephone, cable, steam, and sewer lines, _____________ is the most dense underground site in the United States.
Who released an album called 'Ghost in the Machine' 
The Police 
The name for this semi_precious stone comes from the Latin for "sea water"
Approximately how many inches are there in one meter
What Song Features The Lyric "I Was Working As A Waitress In A Cocktail Bar"
Don't You Want Me Baby
Which Celebrity Launched A Perfume Range Entitled 'M' Just In Time For Christmas 2007 
Mariah Carey 
Who was Hercules' father?
What Is A Rhinoceros's Horn Made Out Of? 
Which Former Tennis Legend Was Charged For A 10 Million Pounds Tax Evasion In 2002 
Boris Becker 
In 'Adventure', which castle had a dark maze in it when you played on any but the easiest difficult level?
The Black Castle
What number is on the opposite side of the "five" on dice?
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