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Who wrote the Belgariad ?
Leigh and David Eddings
In 'Star Wars', who was C3P0's sidekick?
What Is A Bouquet Garni 
Mixed Herbs In A Perforated Sac 
Lack of vitamin B1 causes what condition
Beri Beri
In what city is the Leaning Tower?
If you were offered a 'spotted dick' after Christmas dinner, what could you expect? 
A Steamed Pudding 
The Scots call it 'shinty' - what do Canadians and Americans call it?
What geometric shape has 4 equal sides?
Who Sang The Theme To The Bond Movie From Russia With Love
Matt Munro
What Was The Name Of The Australian Outlaw Who Wore Metal Body Armour 
Ned Kelly 
In Greek mythology, who solved the riddle of the Sphinx?
What name is given to the single super-continent that existed 200 million years ago ?
Competitive Swimming Has 4 Events Butterfly, Breast Stroke, Back Stroke, & What Other 
What does the CAT in CAT-SCAN stand for?
Computerised Axial Tomography
A bridge hand with no cards in one suit is said to have a _______.
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