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Who wrote 'Weird Harold and Fat Albert'?
Bill Cosby
What color was Bullitt's car?
What Is A Boullabaisse 
A French Fish Soup Or Stew 
What is the name for a match of 3 games in bridge
What American state has a Thames river?
"Macaulay Caulkin's folks left him ""Home Alone"" in the original 1990 movie Where did they go? " 
What does S.O.S. stand for?
Save Our Souls
What is the minimum number of integer degrees in an acute angle?
Who Recorded The Albums "The Blue Mask", & "Magic & loss"
Lou Reed
Which film star's statue stands in Leicester Square, London? 
Charlie Chaplin 
What religion was founded by Lao-tzu ?
What Is Unusual About Goats When They Sleep? 
They Don't Close Their Eyes 
Which Of These Sports Does Not Allow You To Play Left Handed (Polo, Squash, Fencing, Tennis) 
What country did the operating system 'Linux' come from?
Which exercises are designed to increase O2 consumption & speed circulation
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