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Who Wrote The Play (The Mousetrap) 
Agatha Christie 
Who sang 'Islands In The Stream' with Kenny Rogers?
Dolly Parton
From Which Fruit Was Marmalade Orginally Made 
In the sport of archery what are the arrows usually made from
Aluminium tubes
__________ is home to the world's most remote weather station. Its Eureka weather station is 600 miles from the North Pole.
The Simpsons Halloween Episodes are an annual tradition in which there are three separate, self-contained pieces. By which title are these episodes known 
Treehouse of Horror 
The name for this semi-precious stone comes from the Latin for "sea water"
What is the minimum number of integer degrees in a reflex angle?
A Re-Issue In 1986, Which Grace Jones Track Reached No.12 In That Year
Pull Up To The Bumper
Who Is Gazza 
Paul Gascoigne 
Who founded the People's Temple Commune?
Jim Jones
The basenji is a mid_sized dog with a silky copper coat. Although they are considered a barkless dog, they are known to __________ when they are happy.
Which Sport Is Played With The Heaviest Ball 
(Ten Pin Bowling) 
What was Fortran designed for ?
Formula Translation
Mundane toy that involved sticking plastic pieces on scenes.
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