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From which Shakespeare play is this line taken: "Double, double ___ "
Who played Dr. Frankenfurter in the pop-culture film 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Tim Curry
Who is the American artist who uses Campbell's Soup cans in his pop art? 
Andy Warhol 
The Louvre in Paris, was originally a what, before it was changed to a museum durung the French Revolution?
What Is The Airline Of Luxembourg 
On what did Marley's ghostly face first appear to Scrooge in Dickens' A Christmas Carol 
A door knocker 
What does the word 'karate' translate to in English?
Open hand
What is the minimum number of integer degrees in an acute angle?
What Song Features The Lyric "We Dont Need No Education, We Don't Need No Thought Control"
Another Brick In The Wall
What Was The Name Of The Australian Outlaw Who Wore Metal Body Armour 
Ned Kelly 
Who is the greek equivalent of the roman god Vesta ?
What Can Be African, Chinstrap, King Or Emperor? 
Football: The Buffalo _______.
What is Celine Jules's (Star Ocean: The Second Story) favorite food?
Baby rabbit risotto
This is the lowest ranking suit in Bridge.
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