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Capers Are Derived From What 
The Pickled Flower Buds Of A Mediterranean Plant 
To What Plant Family Do The Radish & Turnip Belong 
In which US state did chilli con carne originate? 
What is special about Porcini mushrooms 
They Are Dried 
Umbles can be made into a pie and gave rise to the expression 'to eat (h)umble pie'. What are umbles? 
Edible entrails 
What Is Most Likely To Be Measured In A Hogshead 
Who released the following 'edible' album 'Flaming pie' 
Paul McCartney 
What drink is a mixture of brandy, egg yolks & vanilla? 
What type of pasta resembles a bow-tie in shape 
During the reign of Charles the II, what 'black enemy of sleep and copulation' was called a magnet for political dissent by the King and was condemned as a den of dalliance by Puritans? 
Coffee houses 
Where is most of the vitamin C in fruits?
Who invented the Egg Mcmuffin?
Ed Peterson
What Fruit Is Used In Making 'Creme de Cassis' 
The Italian Word Vermicelli literally means 
Little Woms 
What Is Feta A Type Of 
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