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How big is a Jeroboam compared to a normal size bottle? 
4 Times 
What Is The Third Most Popular Soft Drink In The UK 
The founder of Weight Watchers.
Jean nidetch
Booze Name: A manhattan, but with scotch whiskey.
Rob roy
Six ounces of orange juice contains the minimum daily requirement for which vitamin?
Vitamin C
What Is A Boullabaisse 
A French Fish Soup Or Stew 
Of which vegetable are Globe and Jerusalem varieties? 
A.K.A juniper juice?
What is the smell given off by wine called? 
The Boquet 
What are the two main ingredients of cock-a-leekie soup? 
Boiling fowl and leeks. 
Which vegetable is also known as the spinach beet or seakale beet? 
Swiss Chard 
Lack of Vitamin D causes which disease?
After Who Was The Sandwich Named 
The Earl Of Sandwich 
What is the name of the fruit sauce which is a traditional accompaniment to the Christmas Turkey? 
What do you get when you add fresh fruit to red wine
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