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What Is The Main Ingredient In A Black Pudding 
Pigs Blood 
Indian deep fried triangular pasty 
What Kind Of Fruit Is A Canteloupe? 
What, on a bottle of wine, is the punt? 
The dent on the base 
What Are 'Ladies Fingers' Better Known As 
Okra Or Bhindi 
From which fish does Caviar come? 
From what animal do we get venison
In the year 2000, what was the most popular sweet brand in the UK - Rowntree Fruit Pastilles, Starburst or Polo Mints? 
Polo Mints 
What Is The Country Of Origin Of Red Stripe Lager? 
Often eaten for breakfast, bacon is actually the flesh of what barnyard animal?
How many standard bottles of wine are in a Methuselah 
Who had a big hit with `Sweet Like Chocolate' in 1999? 
Shanks & Bigfoot 
From Which Country Does Bulls Blood Originate 
Which drink was advertised with the slogan 'There's a Humphrey about'? 
What was taken ver by Ray Kroc in 1954? 
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