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What Are Prunes 
Dried Plums 
What is the French name of the pate made from goose or duck liver? 
Pate de Foie Gras 
What Is The Most Common Pub Name 
The Red Lion 
Often drank, this liquid is normally harvested from female cows.
Who released the following 'edible' album 'Moldy peaches' 
The Moldy Peaches 
What is a vitamin D deficiency called ? Seven letters, fifth letter is an 'E' 
Which South-East Asian fruit's smell reminds people, to put it mildly, of various stages of decay ? 
Laetrile is associated with the pit of which fruit?
What is France's oldest type of brandy? 
What was the weekly butter ration during the second world war? 
Four ounces 
A tayberry is a cross between which two fruits 
Blackberry and Raspberry 
What Is The Name Given To The Flat Indian Bread Resembling A Pancake? 
What Is The Annual Yield Of A Single Coffee Plant 
Booze Name: 1 oz. gin and 1 oz. orange juice.
Orange blossom
Where is the oldest distillery in the world? 
The Old Bushmills, Cty Antrim 
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