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What did Queen Elizabeth I, most Popes and Adolf Hitler all insist on having at their dinner table ? 
Once very popular in Europe, which leafy weed was later called pig weed because it was said to be only suitable for pigs and Frenchmen ? 
Portulaca, Purslane or Pusley 
What is bouillon? 
A Type Of Soup 
What cocktail is based on rum and lemon?
Which country is the ancient home of chocolate? 
If you were served crudit?s as a starter before your main meal what would you be eating? 
Sliced or shredded raw vegetables
What is the main ingredient of a traditional fondue?
Which Meat Dish Was Named After A 19th Century Russian Count 
Beef Stroganoff 
Which cooking term is used to describe vegetables cut into very thin strips and cooked slowly in butter? 
Popularised in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, which thick drink is made with fresh fruit pur?ed with milk, yoghurt, or ice cream? 
Who was the female russian dancer who had a desert named after her? 
Anna pavlova 
Which seed is the basic ingredient for tahina paste ? 
Which TV Chef Shares His Surname With A Popular Holiday Island Populated By Uk Tourists? 
Gary Rhodes 
Laetrile is associated with the pit of which fruit?
What is made of fermented grape juice?
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