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What Does The Term 'A La Carte' Actually Mean 
From The Menu 
Which red jelly is a traditional accompaniment to lamb? 
In which Dickens novel would one find this service 'United Metropolitan Improved Hot Muffin and Crumpet Baking and Punctual Delivery Company ' 
Nicholas Nickelby 
Which Restaurant Was Jamie Oliver Working In Before He Found Fame As The Naked Chef 
River Cafe 
From what is the Mexican dish huevos rancheros made? 
Baked Eggs 
What Grain Is Whiskey Made From 
Rye Or Barley 
In which countries would you find the following city 'Cayenne'? 
French Guyana 
What name is given to the red wines from the Bordeaux region? 
In the year 2000, what was the most popular sweet brand in the UK - Rowntree Fruit Pastilles, Starburst or Polo Mints? 
Polo Mints 
The Stomach Of A Cow Or Sheep Is Known As What 
Almond liqueur that comes from the Italian for "bitter", not "love"
A great companion to Stilton Cheese, which drink comes in Ruby, Tawny and Vintage varieties? 
What Is Tofu Also Known As 
Bean Curd 
Gin and Collins mix make which type of Cocktail 
Tom Collins 
Which tuber is sometimes called the 'Black Diamond' ? 
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