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What Is The Most Common Pub Name 
The Red Lion 
Name The Woman Who Was In The Vanguard Of Tv Crooks 
Fanny Craddock 
Mustard, ketchup and onions on a hotdog are all __________.
Good Rhine wines are bottled in what colour bottles?
Which alcoholic beverage is advertised on TV by Tom the Dancing Cat? 
Bacardi Breezer 
In which country did chocolate originate? 
In 1999, which American retail giant announced that it was buying the Asda food retail chain? 
Is a schnitzel a sweet or a savoury?
What Is Calvados 
A French Apple Brandy 
What Are The Best Selling Sweets In The UK 
Rowntrees Fruit Pastels 
Which Brand Of Pizza Was Also The Title Of A 1990 Movie 
What is sauerkraut? 
A German dish of pickled cabbage
Crushed grain, nuts and dried fruit 
Which type of restaurant popularized the use of conveyor belts? 
Sushi Restaurants 
What are Pershore eggs and Marjorie's seedlings? 
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