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What is the main ingredient in the soup Borscht?
In which country did chocolate originate? 
What is the fruit flavour of Cointreau? 
What 'B' Is A Mexican Dish That Translates Into English As Little Donkey 
Harrissa is what in cooking? 
A spicy paste 
From What Is The Red Food Dye Cochineal Derived 
Which brewery makes 'Abbot Ale'? 
Greene King 
How Are Truffles Found 
They Are Sniffed Out By Trained Pigs & Dogs 
Who invented the Egg Mcmuffin?
Ed Peterson
Where were the first European coffee houses opened? 
In Italy, if you were served pesce martello, what would you be about to eat? 
Which fruit has the scientific name of malus pumulia? 
The Apple 
Which cereal is the only one grown standing in water? 
In The Year 2001 Which Popular Food Dish Was Declared As Britain's Favorite 
Chicken Tikka Masala 
Which dish contains offal and oatmeal, and is traditionally boiled in a bag made from the stomach of an animal? 
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