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What Milky Drink Is Often Drank On New Years Eve 
Egg Nog 
What Does IPA Stand For 
India Pale Ale 
Which sweets were reintroduced to Britain in1994 after a 10-year gap? 
Wher Might You Be Offered Ouzo 
Which Are More Nutritious Brown Or White Eggs 
They Are Both The Same 
Who Was The Weather Man Who Famously Denied Reports Of A Possible Hurricane In 1987 
Michael Fish 
What Do You Wrap Beef In When Preparing Boeuf Wellington 
How Many Gallons In A Firkin 
9 Gallons 
From which fruit is the liqueur Kirsh made?
Iceberg, Boston, and Bibb are types of _________.
In which countries would you find the following city 'Cayenne'? 
French Guyana 
What flavour is the drink Kahlua? 
What do you call the Irish dish of Mashed Potato's with chopped Spring Onions 
The Name Of Which Dish Literally Translated Means 'Outside The Work' 
Hors d'oeuvre 
If you were served crudit?s as a starter before your main meal what would you be eating? 
Sliced or shredded raw vegetables
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