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If I'm mixing you a drink using ginger ale, grenadine and a cherry, what am I making? 
Shirley Temple 
What Is The Annual Yield Of A Single Coffee Plant 
Add this to milk, eggs, and sugar to make a Tom and Jerry.
Caviar Is A Delicacy That Comes From Which Fish 
What are the two main ingredients of a Hollandaise sauce? 
Egg yolks and butter 
Once very popular in Europe, which leafy weed was later called pig weed because it was said to be only suitable for pigs and Frenchmen ? 
Portulaca, Purslane or Pusley 
What is the main ingredient of Sauerkraut? 
What Is Used To Give Earl Grey It's Distinctive Flavour 
Burgamot Oil 
What kind of nuts are used in marzipan 
Which countrys does one associate with the following foods or drinks: 'Kvass' 
Booze Name: Vodka, consomme, lemon, tabasco sauce, salt, pepper, celery salt.
In the year 2000, what was the most popular sweet brand in the UK - Rowntree Fruit Pastilles, Starburst or Polo Mints? 
Polo Mints 
What are the main ingredients of a Horse's Neck? 
Brandy & Ginger 
Whiskey, hot coffee, and whipped cream make up which type of drink 
Irish Coffee 
A food labelled "Florentine" is prepared with this.
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