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In which city is the Coleman's Mustard Museum? 
What Fruit Is Used In Making 'Creme de Cassis' 
Where Might You Encounter A Balti 
At An Indian Restaurant Or Meal 
What Is Feta A Type Of 
What is the name of the syrup drained from raw sugar 
Poppin Fresh' Serves As The Mascot For Which International Food Brand? 
Pillsbury Dough Co 
Boston butt, jowl, and picnic ham are parts of a ______.
What is the main ingredient of the Korean Soup Bosintang? 
Which food connects Blanche Ames, Lord Lambourne and Willis Williams? 
They're all Varieties of Apple 
Which Italian phrase is used to describe pasta cooked only until it offers a slight resistance when bitten? 
Al dente 
In The Dish 'Devils On Horseback' Of What Are The Devils Made 
Which contains more caffeine - coffee beans or tea leaves? 
Tea Leaves 
What colour is the flesh of an avocado?
In Which City Was Chop Suey Invented? 
San Francisco 
Laetrile is associated with the pit of which fruit
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