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Which two cheeses are layered in a Huntsman Cheese? 
Double Gloucester And Stilton 
From What Country Does Advocaat Originate 
This spiny fruit with a pungent odor and rich yellow flesh is considered "The King of Fruits" by many southeast asians.
What is 'water of life' in 'Latin' 
Aqua vitae 
Who released the following album 'Strange brew ' 
What is the main flavour in the following alcohols 'Cassis'? 
From Which Fruit Is Grenadine Made 
Which English king not only had to deal with the bloody Vikings but with a barrage of burnt bannocks? 
King Alfred 
In Greek Mythology, what was the food of the Gods? 
What bottles of Chianti are traditionally covered with
A Cocktail Known As TNT Comprises Of Tequila, Neapolitan Brandy, But What Does The Second T Stand For? 
Tia Maria 
Almond liqueur that comes from the Italian for "bitter", not "love"
What is severe Vitamin C deficiency called? 
What is the name given to the dish of fruit stewed or preserved in syrup? 
I belong to the same family as the potato, and more of me are canned than any other fruit or vegetable. What am I? 
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