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Who released the following 'edible' album 'Shaved fish' 
John Lennon 
From Which Country Does Bulls Blood Originate 
Where Might You Find Lactose 
In Milk 
What Is The Italian Name For Squid In A Restaurant? 
From Where Does Spaghetti Bolognese 
A black Russian cocktail is made with one part coffee liqueur and two parts of which spirit? 
What is France's oldest type of brandy? 
What delicacy comes from fattened livers of geese? 
Pate de Foie Gras 
The eggs of this sturgeon are the preferred form of caviar.
What colour is pistachio nut, often used in ice cream and confectionery? 
Light Green 
In Which Country Were Fortune Cookies Invented 
United States 
Sapporo is brewed in this country.
What, on a bottle of wine, is the punt? 
The dent on the base 
What three main ingredients are added to mayonnaise to make a Waldorf salad? 
Apple, celery and walnuts 
What do Americans call what the British call an iced-lolly? 
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