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Which seed is the basic ingredient for tahina paste ? 
Which vegetable has the most calories? 
Which herb is used to flavour Pernod? 
In 1999, which American retail giant announced that it was buying the Asda food retail chain? 
What Are The Ingredients Of A Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail 
Vodka, Orange Juice, Galliano 
In which country did the word 'biscuit' originate 
Chives are a member of which family of vegetables? 
Which fruit has varieties called Concord, Niagra and Muscat? 
What Nationality Is The Lager Giant Grolsch? 
Fred The Flour Grader Was The Trademark Of Which Company? 
Home Pride 
By What is the seasoned jellied loaf made from the head of a pig generally known? 
With What Food Might You Associate Arbroath 
Smokies (Kippers) 
What is the name given to the watery part of milk left after making cheese?
When It Comes To Food & Drink What Does The Scorville Scale Measure? 
The Hotness Of Chillies 
Pilaf is this cooked in a broth of meat or poultry.
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