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What drink is a mixture of brandy, egg yolks & vanilla? 
What was the name of the highly diluted rum that was once given to British sailors? 
Which European nation were the first to drink tea? 
The Dutch 
McDonald's 'Iced Tea' is actually this brand
On the dessert menu what is the name given to a mixture of Fresh or dried fruit in syrup? 
From Which British City Do Balti Dishes Often Used In Indian Cuisine Originate From 
What Is Scrumpy 
Which drink was created when Indian army officers added quinine to soda water to help fight malaria? 
Tonic Water 
Booze Name: 1 ounce of light rum and the juice of 1/2 lime, top with cola.
Cuba libre
What colour is creme de menthe?
Which popular beverage's name is German for 'to store' ? 
What Kind Of Fruit Is A Canteloupe? 
How Are Tandoori Dishes Cooked 
In A Clay Oven (Tandoor) 
In which country was ice cream invented? 
How Did Caprese Salad Get It's Name 
It Came From The Island Of Capri
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