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In The Dish 'Angels On Horseback' Of What Are The Angels Made 
Gnocchi is a food from Italy. What is it? 
Small dumplings made of potato, flour or semolina 
Which spirit is used to fortify red wine in creating port? 
What Is 'SPAM' Short For 
Spiced Ham 
What Type Of Food Is Pepperoni? 
Spiced Sausage 
What is the main ingredient of Tapanade? 
The Process Where Food Browns During Cooking Is Known As The What 
Maillard Reaction 
To make Drambuie, you add some honey to what type of whiskey?
Petit Fours means literally 'little ovens'. What are they? 
Small french cakes or biscuits 
From which fruit is the liqueur Kirsh made 
What is compote? 
Fruit preserved or stewed in syrup
What Is The Country Of Origin Of Red Stripe Lager? 
Beef dish named after a 19th century Russian diplomat 
Thin round Mexican maize cake 
Which Food Stuff Has A Name Which Translates Into English As 'On A Skewer'? 
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