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Hazelnut liqueur named for the mysterious monk that made it 300 years ago
What drink is named after the queen of England who was famous for her 'sanguinary' persecution of the protestants?
Bloody Mary
Which countrys does one associate with the following foods or drinks: 'Kvass' 
What are bigoli, farfalle, rigati and pansotti? 
Pasta Shapes 
Which region of France does claret come from? 
German dish with roast beef marinated in vinegar, sugar, and seasonings.
What is the minimum age for scotch whisky before it can be sold in the uk? 
3 Years 
From what country does Sangria originate? 
Which Spirit Is Pimm's No 1 Based On? 
Which contribution to western tea culture was introduced at the St. Louis world fair in 1904 
Iced Tea 
How Are Truffles Found 
They Are Sniffed Out By Trained Pigs & Dogs 
In An American Restaurant What Are Home Fries? 
Potatoes Cooked In Bacon Fat 
In which countries would you find the following city 'Gin Gin '? 
Which Dessert Has A Custard Base And A Burnt Caramelised Top? 
Cr?me Brulee 
What is the name of cold Spanish soup made from peppers and tomatoes? 
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