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Vegetable with green or purple leaves forming a round head
In 1950 the Minnesota valley canning company became what
Jolly Green Giant
Who is the first person a newly elected Pope meets
His tailor to measure him
As sick as a ______
What 1949 book was a bestseller 35 years later
Motorphobia is the fear of
Which country has won the most nobel peace prizes?
What common item was a sign of wealth in 19th century England
An Umbrella
What were the myrmidons who were created by zeus
Ant people
What was Angela's son's name in Who's the Boss?
What is a gondola?
Water taxi
What is a Winston Churchill
What hobby was developed by the Palmer Paint company of Detriot
Painting by numbers
A folded tortilla filled with meat, cheese, beans etc. is called what
Where did Wolfe defeat the French under Montcalm
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