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Which Danish word means 'play well'
A 1957 title recorded by the Crickets, was a line taken from the classic John Ford Western's 'The Searchers'. What was the title
That'll Be the Day
What is a 'funambulist'?
A tightrope walker
It is against the law to do what to the Mayor of Paris
Stare at Him
What is the state song of California
I love you California
What is a Tragopan
A Himalayan Pheasant
What are pink, pram, snow, koff, buss, bark and dory types of
Boats or other water craft
From which prison in South Africa was Nelson Mandela released
Victor verster
What is the red substance eastern woodland nativeAmericans used in their war paint called
Which nazi leader had his 6 children poisoned prior to his own death
How did folk singer Roy Harper catch Toxoplasmosis
Kiss of life - to a sheep
What Country is consistently The Worlds Biggest Beer Consumer
Czech Republic
What is the medical term for 'loss of memory'
Who recorded the album 'Hotel California'
The eagles
Silent night the Christmas carol was first played on what
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