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60% of women experience what
Menstrual Cramps
A castrated horse
Who is the only musician in history to bring out two albums to reach number one in one year?
Quinine is obtained from what part of an evergreen tree
Dried Bark Bark
What is the clotting protein in blood called
In what Australian state would you find Coffs Harbour
New south wales nsw
What is the only digit that has the same number of letters as its value
The city of winnipeg manitoba's by-pass is known as _____
Duff's ditch
What is the current vat rate in the uk
Which year of the Chinese calander began in the year 2000
This sport is called camogie women play what's it when men do
Ping Pong and Pang are characters in which opera
Turendot - by Puccini
What links Augsburger - La Stampa - El Pais and Duma
Newspapers Germany Italy Spain Bulgaria
A sun_dried grape is known as a(n) ___________.
Deepest from what language is the word mummy derived
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