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What is the English nickname of Beethoven's opus 91, written to commemorate Wellington's victory at Vitoria
Battle symphony
During the u.s civil war, what did 22 union army blacks win
Medal of honour
Who was the leader of the notorious Gambino Mafia family
John Gotti
From where to london was the first commercial boeing 747 flight
New york
What does Thermos mean in greek?
What film featured dennis weaver vs a scuzzy gasoline tanker truck
The duel
What is the fear of contracting poliomyelitis known as
What is the worlds most popular green vegetable
This band was formed in Germany in 1976 by writer and producer Frank Farian
Boney m
What Searchers hit was written by Sony Bono
Needles and Pins
Which popular singer of the 80's has the real name Christopher Davidson
Chris de burgh
Workshop for casting metal
Which famous artist lost an ear
Vincent van goch
In the anglo-saxon poem, who killed grendel
First Defence, In Home or Second Attack positions what sport
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