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The IHF govern what sport
International Handball Federation
What is a snood
A kind of hairnet
The first known what happened in Wisconsin 1878
Organised motor race
According to the saying, what speak louder than words
What company was formed by the Swede, Ingvar Kamprad
Who wrote Les Miserable
Victor Hugo
The Brownies ( junior Girl Guides) used to be named what
The Rosebuds
Whats the name of Jacques Cousteaus research ship
On any given day half of Americans are on what
A special Diet
On which ground did Brian Lara score 501 not out
What martial art's name means 'leisure time'
Kung fu
Any animal lacking a vertebral column, or backbone
The word negligee is French and suggests wearer does what
Avoids refrains from housework
What arabian peninsula nations recently merged under communist leadership
What shape is something that is cuneiform
Wedge shaped
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