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Which Saint was canonised in 1920, 489 years after she was burned at the stake
Joan of arc
What is the capital of South Dakota
Bob Fitzsimmons world boxing champion had what middle name
Carlos Menim was elected president of what country in 1989
The Koh-i-Nor is a famous diamond - what does the name mean
Mountain of Light
In 1981, who's gold lp was called "bella donna"
Stevie nicks
Other than meat, what is also known as a leg of mutton
A kind of sleeve
In Indiana what is illegal in winter
Who originally patented the safety pin
Walter hunt
What is the Capital of: Greece
In Arkansas a man can only do what legally once a month
Beat his wife
What's the oed
Oxford english dictionary
What marlon brando film was widely banned
Last tango in paris
Which planet is closest to the Sun
In the 1700s, european women achieved a pale complexion by eating 'complexion wafers' which were actually what poison
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