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U.S. Captials - West Virginia
In which American state are Toledo, Cincinnati and Dayton
What is the Capital of: Honduras
Whose yacht was called Honey Fitz
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
6000 American teenagers do it daily - what
Lose their virginity
What organisation recently banned in Russia as paramilitary
Salvation Army
What is a south african coin containing 1 troy ounce of gold called?
Who was the greek god of the sea
U.S. captials Maryland
Who portrayed clare quilty in the film, "lolita"
Peter sellers
Chronos in Greek Saturnus in Roman Gods of what
The Harvest
What were the nicknames of the dean brothers who pitched for the st louis cardinals
Daffy and dizzy
What is the scent of an artificial hare at greyhound tracks
Who was the first losing candidate in a U.S. presidential election
Thomas jefferson
What airlines identification code is VS
Virgin Atlantic
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