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What is liquid clay used in pottery
Bill justis was a studio musician when he recorded this 'sloppy' instrumental in october 1957
Whose daughter became the wealthiest three year old in 1988?
Christina onassis
Hundred kilometres from what do camels protect themselves with three eyelids
Blowing sand
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was finally diposed in 1974 after how many years in power
Fifty eight
What would you do with a soft cock
Wear it - itÂ’s a wig
Who portrayed eliza doolittle in broadway's original "my fair lady"
From what language is the term 'finito'
Which Famous Duo Are Members Of The Pop Group Wild Stallions
Bill & Ted
Name the traditional Jewish dish of stuffed fish cooked in a broth
Gefilte fish
What sport uses clowns to protect the competitors
Who Owns The Worlds Most Valuble Stamp Collection
Queen Elizabeth II
What is the common name for the larynx
Voice box
How many ponies did the pony express use weekly
None - They used only horses
In 'romeo and juliet', who says 'what must be shall be'
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