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What is the flower that stands for: slighted love
Yellow chrysanthemum
18% of USA coins 7% of notes have what on them
Dangerous Bacteria
What part of a horse would you look at to determine its age
30% of people quit this job in USA each year - what job
School Bus Driver
What instrument does Grumpy play in Disney's Snow White
Luang prabang was the capital of ______
A Renifleur gets aroused from doing what
Sniffing underwear
Which mountain peak is the highest in the Western Hemisphere
What kind of creature is a funnel web
Who said, ich bin ein Berliner
John f kennedy
What sport was involved in the movie "kansas city bomber"
Roller derby
El Dago was the name of whose first private plane
Frank Sinatra
Sedimentary and igneous are types of what
RC Cola were the first company to do what
Sell cola in cans
What does sub rosa mean
Not literally but in plain english in secret
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