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Richard Hannay hero of the 39 steps is which nationality
Who secretly married Sara Lowndes in November 1965
Bob Dylan
Where is area 51 generally said to be
Groom lake
What animal produces its own sun tan lotion
What are Demy, Medium, Royal, Double Crown
Paper Sizes
Sculptors which of the four teenage mutant ninja turtles was named after an artists and/or sculptor that did not occur in the same time period as the other three
In which Middle Eastern country is the site of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon understood to have been
Who said "The die is cast" (on crossing the Rubicon)
Julius Caesar
After spending hours working at a computer display, what colour will a blank piece of white paper probably appear to be
Who played saxophone on "The Girl From Ipanema"
Stan getz
Milk chocolate covered peanuts.
What's the capital of western samoa
What is a castrated ram
According to folklore, the Giant's Causeway was originally built to link to which Scottish island?
Name the female version of the Jewish Bar Mitzvah, celebrating a girl reaching the age of thirteen
Bat mitzvah
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