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What's a more proper name for artificial or false teeth
A Stag with 12 point antlers is known as a what
What was the ceaseless medieval search for a method of turning base metals to gold called
What is the name of the detective in john dickson carr novels
Gideon fell
Who wrote the book Coral Island
R. m. ballantyne
Workshop for casting metal
Which Arthur Miller play uses the witch trials of Salem to comment on the so called McCarthy witchhunts
The crucible
What is the most played song on radio USA in 20th century
You've lost that loving feeling
What is meant by the cooking term farci
In Which Film Was The Bill Haley Classic “ Rock Around The Clock ” First Heard ?
Blackboard Jungle
Macrophobia is the fear of
Long waits
What Do You Suffer From If You Have Diplophia
Double Vision
What is Michael Jackson's middle name
What is a group of this animal called: Crow
Who Was Britain's First Million Pound Footballer
Trevor Fraancis
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