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What does 'alma mater' mean in English?
Bountiful mother
What was the language of ancient India?
What does N.A.S.A stand for?
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
What is the Spanish word for 'festival'?
"Entre nous" means __________.
Between ourselves
What does 'majuba' mean?
Place of rock pigeons
The name for this semi_precious stone comes from the Latin for "sea water"
What does the abbreviation N/A mean?
Not applicable
What is the Old English word for 'sneeze'?
This animal is found at the beginning of an (English) encyclopedia
What is 'bountiful mother' in Latin?
Alma mater
What does 'AOL' stand for?
America Online
What is the English word for 'fiesta'?
From what language is the term 'finito'?
An adjective meaning 'pertaining to the sun.'
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