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What does 'AOL' stand for?
America Online
From which language does the term 'Mayday' come?
The name Australia is derived from the Latin word "australis" which means _______.
What does S.O.S. stand for?
Save Our Souls
What does the word 'karate' translate to in English?
Open hand
Many Meanings: Fuel, vapor, flattulence, helium. What is it
What does the Irish 'dubh linn' mean?
Black pool
Multiple Meanings: Slamming your hands together quickly, or a venereal disease.
What does 'alma mater' mean in English?
Bountiful mother
From what Irish words is 'Dublin' derived?
Dubh linn
Mardi Gras is French for ___________.
Fat tuesday
What is 'military governor' in Japanese?
The name for this semi_precious stone comes from the Latin for "sea water"
What is 'blackpool' in Irish?
Dubh linn
What two words make the word 'meld'?
Melt and weld
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