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What is the official language of Austria?
What does 'A&W' (of root beer fame) stand for ?
Allen & Wright
What is the meaning of the Mercedes Benz motto 'Das beste oder nichts'?
The best or nothing
What is the official language of Senegal?
What is the literal meaning of 'pince-nez'?
Pinch nose
What is the last letter in the Greek alphabet?
Which two fruits are an anagram of each other?
Lemon and melon
What is the Old English word for 'sneeze'?
What does the acronym 'scuba' mean?
Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
What does the Irish 'dubh linn' mean?
Black pool
What does "c'est la vie" mean?
That's life
What does N.A.S.A stand for?
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Other than Germany, whose official language is German?
What is the Israeli 'knesset'?
From which language does the term 'Mayday' come?
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