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What does the Greek root word 'chrom' mean?
Which two fruits are an anagram of each other?
Lemon and melon
The word rodent comes from the italian 'rodere', which means?
What is the Old English word for 'sneeze'?
From what Irish words is 'Dublin' derived?
Dubh linn
What ONE word fits? ____stream; ____hill; _____pour.
What is the Spanish word for 'festival'?
Merging the words 'melt' and 'weld' created which word?
What does 'majuba' mean?
Place of rock pigeons
What does 'AOL' stand for?
America Online
What does SOS stand for
Save Our Souls
Which word means "profound boredom" in both french and english?
What is the official language of Senegal?
What does the word 'karate' translate to in English?
Open hand
What does the abbreviation N/A mean?
Not applicable
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