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What is the official language of Austria?
What does "c'est la vie" mean?
That's life
What ONE word fits? ____stream; ____hill; _____pour.
Which is the only english word that contains all the vowels in alphabetical order?
What word contains the combination of letters: "xop"?
Mardi Gras is French for ___________.
Fat tuesday
Which two fruits are an anagram of each other?
Lemon and melon
What does the word 'karate' translate to in English?
Open hand
What is the literal meaning of 'pince-nez'?
Pinch nose
What does the acronym 'scuba' mean?
Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
What is 'bountiful mother' in Latin?
Alma mater
What is the only English word formed by the first three letters of the alphabet?
What does 'AOL' stand for?
America Online
"Entre nous" means __________.
Between ourselves
Which word means "profound boredom" in both french and english?
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