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From which of Shakespeare's plays is this line: "All the world's a stage___"
As You Like It
A European movement beginning in France. Gothic sculpture emerged c. 1200, Gothic painting later in the thirteenth century. The artworks are characterized by a linear, graceful, elegant style more naturalistic than that which had existed previously in Europe.
What is the fourth book in the Harry Potter series 
The Goblet Of Fire 
What Is The Name Of The Russian National Ballet 
The Kirov Ballet 
Who created Winnie the Pooh?
A. A. Milne
Who is the protagonist of Milton's Paradise Lost?
The effect of the harmony of color and values in a work.
Which Welsh Poet Died Of Alcohol Poisoning The Year He Publsihed His Collected Poems 
Dylan Thomas 
Which Famous Book Begins With The Line 'On January 6, 1482, the people of Paris were awakened by the tumultuous clanging of all the bells in the city' 
The Hunchback Of Natre Damme 
What Dr Seuss character steals Christmas?
A print made by carving on a wood block, which is then inked and printed.
In 'Alice In Wonderland', who never stopped sobbing?
Mock Turtle
Group of American artists from 1908 to 1918. Their work featured scenes of urban realism.
Ash Can School
In Which Country Was John Constable Born 
In 'A Christmas Carol', what was the name of the miser?
Ebenezer Scrooge
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