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A russian abstract movement begun in the early twentieth century. It employs an analytic vision based on fragmentation and multiple viewpoints.
Water-soluble paint made from pigments and a plastic binder…?
What Shakespearean play features the line: A plague on both your houses?
Romeo and Juliet
Where Would You Find Poets Corner 
Westminster Abbey 
In Which City Is Leonardo Da Vinnci's (Last Supper) Displayed 
Stephen King's: "The Dead ________".
Who Was Samuel Clemens Better Known As 
Mark Twain 
In What Work Does The HAL 9000 Appear 
2001, A Space Odyssey 
What Nationality Was Jospeh Conrad 
The visual and tactile quality of a work based on the particular way the materials are handled; also, the distribution of tones or shades of a single color.
Which Thriller Writers Works Include (The Dark Eyes Of London, Four Just Men & Sanders Of The River) 
Edgar Wallace 
What Rank Was Biggles 
How many books are there in Anne Rice's vampire series?
What Is The Most Performed Opera In The UK 
La Boheme 
Who Wrote The Famous Book 'A Brief History Of Time' In 1988? 
Stephen Hawking 
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