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What Did Winston Encounter In Room 101 
A technique of engraving, using a sharp-pointed needle, that produces a furrowed edge resulting in a print with soft, velvety lines.
Which Novel Features Perks The Station Porter? 
The Railway Children 
In Which Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta Does Nakipoo Appear 
The Mikado 
Whose Life Was The Subject Of James Boswell's Biography, Published In 1791 
Samuel Johnson 
Which Characters Were The Longest Running In The Comic The Beano 
Lord Snooty And His Pals 
A European style of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Its elegant, balanced works revived the order and harmony of ancient Greek and Roman art.
In sculpting, the cutting of a form from a solid, hard material such as stone or wood, in contrast to the technique of modeling.
Edgar Allen Poe wrote a famous poem about this animal.
"The Diary of Anne Frank" was first published in English under what title?
The Diary of a Young Girl
What Type Of Animal Is Rupert The Bears Best Friend Bill? 
This magazine used to boast a circulation of 7,777,777.
Better homes and gardens
Which St Louis Born Novelist & Poet Became A British Subject In 1927 
T S Eliot 
This is the choice and arrangement of words and phrases in a literary work. It is the vocabulary that the author, poet or playwright uses to create style and effect in a piece of writing?
In What book would you find a Hefalump?
Winnie the Pooh
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