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Who Wrote The Barsetshire Novels? 
Anthony Trollope 
Bob Kane created who?
Which British Artist Is Noted For His Numerous Paintings Of Horses 
George Stubbs 
Who Wrote (Brave New World) 
Aldous Huxley 
Which 2 Brothers Wrote Fairy Sttories In Germany In The 19th Century 
The Brothers Grimm 
In What Science Fiction Novel Do Duke Leto Atreidea & The Harkonnens Feature 
Ground chalk or plaster mixed with glue, used as a base coat for tempera and oil painting.
Who wrote 1984 ?
George Orwell
Who wrote the epic poem Odyssey ?
What Is The Name Of The 7th And Final Harry Potter Book 
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 
What Dutch master painted 64 self_portraits
Which Antipodean Opera Singer Sung At Prince Charles Wedding To Lady Diana Spencer 
Kiri Te Kanawa 
A print made by carving on a wood block, which is then inked and printed.
Who wrote 'The Rose Tattoo'?
Tennessee Williams
What Was The Title Of The First Ever James Bond Novel 
Casino Royale 
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