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What other name does Stephen King write under
Richard bachman
How Many Holes Are There On A Traditional Artists Pallette? 
Which Author Wrote The 'Just So Stories'? 
Rudyard Kipling 
Who wrote the threepenny opera?
Bertolt Brecht
Who Wrote The Novel Lady Chatterly's Lover 
DH Lawrence 
In 'A Christmas Carol', how many ghosts visited Scrooge?
Who Was Samuel Clemens Better Known As 
Mark Twain 
A Russian abstract movement originated by Malevich c. 1913. It was characterized by flat geometric shapes on plain backgrounds and emphasized the spiritual qualities of pure form.
Artwork, usually paintings, characterized by a simplified style, nonscientific perspective, and bold colors. The artists are generally not professionally trained.
Naive art
In 'Romeo and Juliet', who says 'make the bridal bed in that dim monument where Tybalt lies?
Which French Authors Novel Germinal Depicts Life In A Mining Community 
Emile Zola 
Which Author Wrote To Books The Shining And Pet Sematary 
Stephen King 
This is the choice and arrangement of words and phrases in a literary work. It is the vocabulary that the author, poet or playwright uses to create style and effect in a piece of writing?
Dr. Seuss wrote this book: The Cat in the______.
Who wrote 'The Great Gatsby'?
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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