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In what field of study would you find "flying buttresses"
Which Famous Book Begins With The Line 'Not long ago, there lived in London a young married couple of Dalmatian dogs named Pongo and Misses Pongo' 
101 Dalmations 
Who Was The First Person To Be Buried At Poets Corner 
Geoffrey Chaucer 
The fallacy of personifying inanimate objects, often in bad taste?
Pathetic fallacy
What Was The Name Of The Author Who Released A Guide To Baby And Child Care In 1946 
Dr Spock (No Kidding) 
In What Science Fiction Novel Do Duke Leto Atreidea & The Harkonnens Feature 
Bob Kane created who?
What was H.G Wells' first novel?
The Time Machine
Which Famous Book Contains The Line 'In A Hole In The Ground There Lived A' 
The Hobbit 
What Is The Name Of The 7th And Final Harry Potter Book 
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 
What famous character did Edgar Rice Burroughs create?
Whose Smile Remained After The Rest Of It Had Vanished 
The Cheshire Cat's 
Three main types of Greek columns are Doric, Ionic, and __________.
In Which Book Would You Find The Characters Desinov & Dolokhov 
Tolstoy's War & Peace 
The Hardy Boys and ______?
Nancy Drew
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