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Who Wrote The Novel Emma 
Jane Austen 
Who did author Leslie Charteris create?
The Saint
Who's last words were 'Thus with a kiss I die'?
What Are The March Sisters Names In Louisa M Alcotts (Little Woman) 
Jo, Meg Beth & Amy 
Where Might You Find The Museum Of Modern Art 
New York 
Who Painted The Creation Of Adam 
Who Is Responsible For Painting The Mona Lisa 
Leonardo Da Vinci 
Which Poet Preceded Ted Hughes As Poet Laureate 
Sir John Betjeman 
A russian abstract movement begun in the early twentieth century. It employs an analytic vision based on fragmentation and multiple viewpoints.
What were the dolls in the novel 'Valley Of The Dolls'?
Which American Artist Is Known For A Portarit Of His Mother 
James Whistler 
What other name does Stephen King write under?
Richard Bachman
Which Famous Book Begins With The Line 'Not long ago, there lived in London a young married couple of Dalmatian dogs named Pongo and Misses Pongo' 
101 Dalmations 
Name The Philadelphian Artist Who Introduced The World To (Pop Art) 
Andy Warhol 
Which English Author Created Horatio Hornblower 
C.S. Forester 
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