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Who Composed The Ballet (Romeo & Juliet) 
How Is Jack Dawkins Otherwise Known As In A Dickens Novel? 
Artful Dodger 
The effect of the harmony of color and values in a work.
Where Would You Find Poets Corner 
Westminster Abbey 
Who wrote the 'Noddy' books?
Enid Blyton
Which Antipodean Opera Singer Sung At Prince Charles Wedding To Lady Diana Spencer 
Kiri Te Kanawa 
Which Tavern Was The Favourite Haunt Of Falstaff In Shakespear's Henry IV 
The Boar's Head 
Who was Winnie the Pooh's neighbour?
Who created 'The Saint'?
Leslie Charteris
Who wrote the 'Myth' series?
Robert Asprin
Who Was The Merchant In Shakespear's (The Merchant Of Venice) 
Design style prevalent during the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by a sleek use of straight lines and slender forms.
Art deco
A russian abstract movement begun in the early twentieth century. It employs an analytic vision based on fragmentation and multiple viewpoints.
Who is the author of "Harry Potter" ?
Joan Rowling
Who wrote 1984 ?
George Orwell
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