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Whose Works The Ballad Of Reading Gaol & De Profundis, Were Written From His Experiences In Prison 
Oscar Wilde 
He wrote Ulysses, Giacomo Joyce, Dubliners and Finnegans Wake, among others.
James Joyce
Who wrote 'Alice In Wonderland'?
Lewis Carroll
In 1526 Hans Holbein Became The Officiaal Portrait Painter Of Which English King 
Henry VIII 
The representation of inanimate objects in painting, drawing or photography.
Still life
Who wrote 'Psycho'?
Robert Bloch
This statue was found on the Greek island of Melos in 1820.
Venus de milo
Who wrote the 'Myth' series?
Robert Asprin
In Which City Is The Encyclopediaa Britanica Published 
Reducing or distorting in order to represent three-dimensional space as perceived by the eye, according to the rules of perspective.
Who was the human companion of Willow?
Mad Mardigan
Who Is Pips Benefactor In Dickens's Great Expectations 
Abel Magwitch 
What other name does Stephen King write under?
Richard Bachman
Who Painted The Mona Lisa 
Leonardo Da Vinci 
Which Thriller Writers Works Include (The Dark Eyes Of London, Four Just Men & Sanders Of The River) 
Edgar Wallace 
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