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What Type Of Animal Is Rupert The Bears Best Friend Bill? 
The play "Our Town" is set where?
Grover's Corners
Who Wrote (Robinsonn Crusoe) 
Daniel Defoe 
Paint applied very thickly. It often projects from the picture surface.
Name The Philadelphian Artist Who Introduced The World To (Pop Art) 
Andy Warhol 
Which Artists Name Literally Means (Little Barrel) 
A printing process in which ink impressions are taken from a flat stone or metal plate prepared with a greasy substance, such as an oily crayon.
Which Celebration Of The Arts In Held In Wales 
The Eisteddfod 
What story features flopsy, mopsy and cottontail?
Peter Rabbit
An eighteenth-century European style, originating in France. In reaction to the grandeur and massiveness of the baroque, it employed refined, elegant, highly decorative forms.
Who is the author of "Brave New World" ?
Aldous Huxley
The technique of producing printed designs through various methods of incising on wood or metal blocks, which are then inked and printed.
Which is the only book written by Margaret Mitchell?
Gone With The Wind
In 'A Christmas Carol', how many ghosts visited Scrooge?
In which British national daily newspaper does Rupert The Bear appear? 
The Daily Express 
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