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Which Characters Were The Longest Running In The Comic The Beano 
Lord Snooty And His Pals 
Spanish modernist and cubist Pablo _____
Which Author Penned The Disc- World Series Of Sci-Fi Novels? 
Terry Pratchett 
Who killed Macbeth?
The Hardy Boys and ______?
Nancy Drew
As what did H.G. Wells refer to Adolf Hitler?
A certifiable lunatic
Who had decieved the Lord of Rohan for a number of years
Under What Pen Name Did Hector Hugh Munro Write 
From which Shakespeare play is this line taken: To be or not to
What was Michelangelo's first name? 
Who wrote "The Wind in the Willows" ?
Kenneth Grahame
Which Woman Had More Portarits Painted Of Her Thaan Anyone Else 
Queen Elizabeth II 
Who Told Stories About Brer Rabbit & Brer Fox 
Uncle Remus 
What's Penthouse's sister publication for women?
Who wrote 'Weird Harold and Fat Albert'?
Bill Cosby
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