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In sculpting, the cutting of a form from a solid, hard material such as stone or wood, in contrast to the technique of modeling.
Which Characters Were The Longest Running In The Comic The Beano 
Lord Snooty And His Pals 
Name The 3 Bronte Sisters 
Charlotte, Emily & Anne 
Which Science Fiction Story Centres Around Alien Children In A Village 
The Midwitch Cuckoos 
Where is the Louvre located?
Who wrote 'A Tale Of Two Cities'?
Charles Dickens
Where is the Louvre located
Which English Writer Divided His Novels Into 3 Categories, Novels Of Character & Environment, Romances & Fantasies & Novels Of Ingenuity 
Thomas Hardy 
A composition made of cut and pasted pieces of materials, sometimes with images added by the artist.
What Was Shakespeare's First Play 
Henry VI 
Who writes the discworld novels?
Terry Pratchett
A flat board used by a painter to mix and hold colors, traditionally oblong, with a hole for the thumb; also, a range of colors used by a particular painter.
The technique of producing printed designs through various methods of incising on wood or metal blocks, which are then inked and printed.
What were the dolls in the novel 'Valley Of The Dolls'?
Who wrote the Belgariad ?
Leigh and David Eddings
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