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Who writes the discworld novels?
Terry Pratchett
The technique of producing printed designs through various methods of incising on wood or metal blocks, which are then inked and printed.
Three main types of Greek columns are Doric, Ionic, and __________.
Which Of Jane Austens Novels Was Publsihed Posthumously 
What Was The Only Novel To Be Written By Margaret Mitchell 
Gone With The Wind 
In painting, the degree of lightness or darkness in a color.
Which Shakespearean Play Is Set In The Forest Of Arden 
As You Like It 
Who had decieved the Lord of Rohan for a number of years
From which Shakespeare play is this line taken: To be or not to
What famous character did Edgar Rice Burroughs create?
Who Wrote The Novels 'The Hunt For Red October' And 'Clear And Present Danger' 
Tom Clancy 
Which novel by Mary Shelley was subtitled 'The Modern Prometheus'?
Which Famous Sculptor Was Refused Entry ToThe French Academy 3 Times 
August Rodin 
What are arranged in the Japanese art of Ikebana?
This girl hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam.
Anne frank
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