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What is the capital of Saint Vincent
What is the capitol of Iceland?
What is the capital of Nauru ?
The district of Yaren
Though part of the British Isles, the _______________ is administered according to its own laws by the Court of Tynwald. The island is not bound by British law unless it chooses to be.
Isle of man
What is the basic unit of currency for Macao ?
What Is The Unit Of Cuurrency In India 
The Rupee 
What is the capital of Cuba
Which City Is The Capitaal Of Malaysia 
Kuala Lumpur 
What is the worlds most southerly capital?* * 
Wellington, New Zealand 
What place is known as 'the land nowhere near'?
Cape Three Points
What is the capital of Barbados
What Nationality Was Christian Schonbein, Who Discovered Ozone In 1840 
Bridgetown is the capital of ______?
Where Is Sugar Loaf Mountain 
Rio De Janeiro 
What is the capital of Maldives
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