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In Which English City Will You Find The Angel Of The North 
What is the basic unit of currency for Kuwait ?
What European country has "Vaduz" as its capital city?
What is the capital of Bahrain
Name 2 Of The 3 South American Countries Through Which The Equator Passes 
Brazil, Equador, Columbia 
Which is the Earth's fourth largest continent
South america
What is the basic unit of currency for Suriname ?
Which Is The Largest Island In The Caribbean? 
Which country would come first in an alphabetical list of countries?
The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth was in which country
"Oceania" is a name for the thousands of islands in the central and southern _______________. It is sometimes referred to as the South Seas.
Pacific ocean
Suez lies at one end of the Suez Canal which city is at the other end? 
Port Said 
Florida is not the southernmost state in the United States. ___________ is farther south.
What is the capital of Madagascar
Is Belfast in Northern or Southern Ireland?
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