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What Type Of Eyes Did Kim Carnes Sing About
Bette Davis Eyes
Which pop group of the 90’s were made up of John Hendry, Tony Mortimer, Brian Harvey and Terry Caldwell
East 17
What Was The Instrument That Produced The Weird Noises On The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations"
What Was The Monkees Debut Album Called
The Monkees
Which Keyboard Player Had An "Arkestra" & Claimed To Have Come From Another Planet
Sun Ra
What 2 Parts Of The Body Are The First To Be Mentioned In The Song You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Eyes & Lips
In Music How Are The Trio Of “Ferguson, Pinkney And Holliday” Better Known
The 3 Degrees
The Musical Score To The Film "Wall Street " Was Written By Whch Former Member Of The Police
Stewart Copeland
The Song 3 Men And A Baby Featured A Song entitled "Back In Time" By Which Band
Big Audio dynamite
Name the group led by violinist David La Flamme?
It's A Beautiful Day
Henry Rollins Was A member Of Which Punk Band "Black Flag" Or "The Sex Pistols"
Black Flag
Which Artist Went Straight Into The No.1 Slot In July 2007 With The Album “One Chance”?
Paul Potts
Which Celebrity Named Their First Child Brooklyn
David & Victoria Beckham
How Are "Alan, Wayne Merrill, Jay & Donny" More Commonly Known
The Osmonds
How Many Movements Traditionally Make Up A Concerto
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