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Who Is The Lead Singer If John Entwistle Is The Bass Player
Roger Daltrey
When Did The Prodigy Release "Fire"
Crimson & Clover Or Crimson & Lace Was A Hit For Joan Jett
Crimson & Clover
In Village People, there was an American Indian a cowboy, a consrtuction worker, a biker and who else?
A Policeman
Who Was Originally Known As Harry Webb
Sir Cliff Richard
Who Sang About "The Greatest Love Of All" In 1986
Whitney Houston
In music what term is used to describe 3 or more notes played simultaneously?
Who Is Generally Regarded As Producing The First Rock N Roll Single "Rocket 88" In 1950
The Kings Of Rhtym
Which James Bond Film Duran Duran Provide The Theme Music For
A View To A Kill
Which Year Did Bryan Adams Refer To In 1985
1969 (Summer Of 69)
Name Three Of The Songs Featured On The 1986 Release "It's It's The Sweet Mix"
Blockbuster, Fox On The Run, Teenage Rampage, Hell Raiser, Ballroom Blitz
Which Female SingerSpent Most Weeks In The Charts In 1995 & 1996
Celine Dion
Which Group Comprises Of Colin Angus And Mr C
The Shamen
According To The Song By Katie Melua Where Are There 4 Million Bicycles
According To The Lyrics Of The Eagles Classic Hotel California When Can You Check Out?
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