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With Which Group Do You Associate David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks
The Temptaions
What Was The Name Of Nick Cave's Band Before The Bad Seeds
The Birthday Party
Which Jimi Hendrix classic features the line "Scuse me while I kiss the sky"?
Purple Haze
Almost Unreal By Roxette Was The Original Soundtrack To Which Film
Super Mario Bros
What Was Paul Young's 1983 Million Selling LP Called
No Parlez
Which Eastender Reached No 10 In 1975 With "The Ugly Duckling"
Mike Reid
Which Queen Album Cover Is Silver With A Picture Of The Band In Leather Jackets
The Game
How Many Semi Quavers Are There In A Crotchet
Hole Singer Courtney Love Was Married To Which Nirvana Star
Kurt Cobain
Who Was A Member Of The Byrds & The Flying Burrito Brothers, & Recorded The Solo Albums "Gp & Grevious Angel"
Gram Parsons
This Was A Highly Successful Film In 1961, A Flop Broadway Musical In 1966, And A Top Ten UK Hit In 1996, What Is It?
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Who Had A Minor Hit With "Lonely Man Theme" In 1960
Cliff Adams
Whose Magnificent Bald Head Featured On The Cover Of His Hot Butterd Soul Album
Isaac Hayes
Who replaced Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd?
David Gilmour
Which 1960's Band Was Formed By Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker And Jack Bruce?
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