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The Vocal Group Ladysmith Black Mambazo Are From Which African Country
South African
What was Britain's first winning entry in The Eurovision Song Contest (name The Song)
Sandie Shaw / Puppet On A String
Cheryl, Mike, Bobby & Jay Are Collectively Known As Which Successful 80's Band?
Bucks Fizz
What Did Slipstream Tell Us They Were Doing In 1992
We Are Raving - The Anthem
Name The 1990 Western Which Won John Barry An Oscar For Best Film Score
Dances With Wolves
Which Band Had Hits With "Dance Hall Days" & "Everybody Have Fun Tonight"
Wang Chung
What Song Features The Lyric "Giant Steps Are What You Take"
Walking On The Moon
What Is The Spanish Dance Music Normally Associated With Castanets
What Was Elton Johns Chart Topping Album Of 1990
Sleeping In The Past
Who Was The Lead Singer Of Bad Manners
Buster Bloodvessel
Who did the New Yardbirds become?
Led Zeppelin
What Did Adolphe Sax Invent
What Was Marvin Gayes Only UK No.1
I Heard It Through The Grapevine
What Was The Name Of The Television Show That Featured Mick Jagger As A Ringmaster
Rock N Roll Circus
Who Had A Hit In 1988 With "I Saw Him Standing There"
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