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Which opera star was born Helen Porter Mitchell in Melbourne in 1861?
Dame Nellie Melba
Who Had A 1972 Hit With "Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day"?
Gilbert O'Sullivan
Which British Politician Sued "The Move" In 1967 And Won The Royalties To "Flowers In The Rain"
Harold Wilson
The Kane Gang Split To Become Who
Hue & Cry
"Damon Albarn, Alex James, Graham Coxon & Dave Rowntree" Were All members Of Which Band
Where did the Beatles stay on their first trip to Hamburg?
A Movie Theatre
Will Smith Is Better Known As Who
The Fresh Prince
Do You Remember Who Was Flying High To His Music In The Mid 70's
John Miles
Who Was The Drummer With The Osmonds
Jay Osmond
Who Sang The Song "Sweet Child O Mine" In The 90's
Guns N Roses
With Which Girl Group Did Louise Nurding First Come To Fame?
The Ever Changing Latin Teen Group Menudo Saw One Of Their Old Boys Enjoy Worldwide Success In 1999 Who Is He
Rick Martin
Stanley Burrell Is The Real Name Of Which Popular 90's Singer
MC Hammer
Billy Joel Gave An An Exhaustive List Of 20th Century Events In Which Song
We Didn't Start The Fire
Which Star Did Barbara Bach Marry In 1981
Ringo Starr
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