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Hand On Your Heart Was A Hit In 1989 Name The Singer
Kylie Minogue
Which Film Featured The R Kelly Song "I Believe I Can Fly"
Space Jam
Who Was Hal David's Famous Writing Partner?
Burt Bacharach
Number of Beatles tribute bands that are currently performing
The Musical Score To The Film "Wall Street " Was Written By Whch Former Member Of The Police
Stewart Copeland
Was Phil Collins "Another Day In Paradise" Released In 1983 Or 1989
Which Musical Did Meat Loaf Appear In As An American Hero In 1969
Hair (As Grant)
Members Of The Buggles, King Crimson & Yes Went On To Form Which Band
Who Had Love In Their Tummy With Yummy Yummy Yummy
Ohio Express
Name The Lead Vocalist With Wizzard In The Early 70's
Roy Wood
What Was Tom Jones First Ever UK No.1 Single?
It's Not Unusual
Which 60's Tv Comedy Show is Mentioned On The Sargeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Album
Meet The Wife On (Goo Morning Good Morning)
Number of solo albums by individual Beatles
The Film "Sixteen Candles" Featured In A Song Called "If You Were Here" By Which Band
The Thompson Twins
What Type Of Guitar Does Hank Marvin Use
A Fender Stratocaster
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