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Who Was Down On The Streets In 1984
In "I Am The Walrus", who were they kicking?
Edgar Allen Poe
Guess The Band From These Initials FM / RT / BM / JD
Who Covered Wayne Fontana's A Groovy Kind Of Love In 1988
Phil Collins
Whose First Record Was A Rocker Called "Ooby Dooby"
Roy Orbison
Which Instruments Were Played By Motown Session Men James Jamerson & Benny Benjamin Respectively
Bass & Drums
Which Song Was George Harrison Accused Of Plagiarising For His Hit My Sweet Lord
He's So Fine
Which Northern UK English city Did The Beatles Come From
When Sandie Shaw Won The Eurovision Song Contest in 1967 There Was Something Unusual About Her Performance Which Has Never Been Repeated What Was It
She Performed Barefoot
What Nationality Is Tina Arena
What was the name of Van McCoy's orchestra on his "The Hustle" instrumental?
Soul City Symphony
The Legend Of Xanadu Reached No.1 In 1968 Who Sang It
Dave, Dee, Dozy , Mick & Tich
Which girls make the Beatles scream and shout?
Moscow girls
From the 1970’s which song and artist “, You lay your bets and then you pay the price”?
10CC / Things We Do For Love
Who Had Chart Success With "Set You Free" In The Mid 90's
N Trance
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