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On What Label Was "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" Released
 Which group had a number 1 in 1966 with 'Keep on Running'?
The Spencer Davis Group
Suzanne Hoffs Was The Lead Singer Of Which Very Successful Band
The Bangles
How In The World Of Music Is "Dino Crocetti" More Commonly Known
Dean Martin
What Did The Initials Stand For In The Name Of 1980's German Band "DAF"
Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft
Who Had A Hit In 1989 With "I Want It Alll"
What Kind Of Of Arrow Did ABC Want You Th Shoot Through Their heart In The 1980's
What Did The Chairmen Of The Board Ask For In Their 1970 Smash
Give Me Just A Little More Time
Which Letter Of The Alphabet Do The Sound Holes On Violins Resemble
The Letter 'S'
With Which European City Is Ultravox Linked Songwise
In Which Keyboard Instrument Are The Strings Plucked Not Struck
The Harpsichord
Whose 1999 Debut Solo Album Was Entitled "Schizophonic"
Geri Halliwell
What animal is on the cover of the Beach Boy's album Pet Sounds?
What Is The Connection Between Swing Bandleaders - Woody Herman, Artie Shaw, & Benny Goodman
They All Lead On Clarinet
Which Female Singer Asked The Question "What's Love Got To Do With It"
Tina Turner
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