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Who designed Madonna's conical basque for her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour?
Jean Paul Gautier
Which British Singer Produced The First Album By The Specials & "Red Roses For Me"
Elvis Costello
Which Former Model was A Smooth Operator
Who In The World Of Music Has The Real Name "Marshal Mathers"
Which Band Had Hits With "Heaven" & "Cherry Pie"
Name The Four Sections Of An Orchestra
Strings, Wood Wind, Brass & Percussion
Amazing Grace Entered The Charts Eight Times In This Decade Sung By Whom
Judy Collins
Which Re-Issued Abba Track Got To Number 16 In 1992
Dancing Queen
Who recorded 'In the Air Tonight' in 1981?
Phil Collins
Who Warned Us About Dirty Diana
Micheal Jackson
Which Us Female Vocalist Reached The Top Ten By Saying "Yes My Darling Daughter"
Eydie Gorme
Who Was The Original Baasit In The Bay City Rollers
Alan Longmuir
What was always Elvis Presley’s closing number in his Las Vegas stage shows?
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Which 1982 Chart Topping Singer Had Earlier Appeared On TV As Alex Haley's Mother In "Roots The Next Generation" And As A Jim Jones Cult Member In "The Guyana Tragedy"
Irene Cara
How Was Norma Dolores Egstrom Better Known
Peggy Lee
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