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What Was The No.1 hit For Early Eighties Band Tight Fit
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Who Had A Uk No.1 In January 1975 With The Track "January"
What Did The Human League Keep Feeling
Who Achieved Chart Success With "Everybodys Free To Feel Good" In 1991
What Was The Title Of John Lennons 2nd Book
A Spaniard In The Works
Which Band Backed Herb Alpert
Tijuana Brass
Which Beatle Divorced His Wife Cynthia In 1968
John Lennon
The First Version Of "Je T'aime"___. Moi Non Plus (Suppressed Before It Could Be Released) Was Recorded As A Duet Between Serge Gainsbourg And Which Actress
Brigette Bardot
Who Played The Part Of Che Guevara In The Original London Production Of Evita
David Essex
Who Released An Album In 1982 Called Simply
Status Quo
Who Wrote The Flight Of The Bumblebee Which Later Turned Up As A Pop Hit Called Nutrocker
Nicolai Rimsky Korsakov
What Does The M Stand For In The Band M People?
Which Female Trio Released The Multi Platinum "Wide Open Spaces" In 1998
Dixie Chicks
Which Beatles Classic Did Candy Flip Take Their Version Of To No.3
Strawberry Fields Forver
What Method Of Singing Does The Singer Alternate Between Natural Voice & Falsetto
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