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Travelling Without Moving Was A Huge Selling Album For Which 1990's Dance Act
How Many Faces Are There On The Cover Of The Album “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band”
Following His Honorary Knighthood, What Letters Is Bob Geldof Entitled To Put After His Name
In 2004 The Family Of The Late Johnny Cash Tried To Stop One Of His Songs Being Featured In An Advertisement For Hemorrhoid Cream , Name The Song
The Ring Of Fire
Who was asked in 1874 by Henrik Ibsen to write incidental music to Peer Gynf?
Edvard Grieg
Who filled in for Ringo on the Beatles' 1964 world tour?
Jimmy Nicol
What Was Madonna's First Uk Number One Single
Get Into The Groove
"Planet Earth" Was Duran Duran's First Hit, But What Was Their First Top Ten Entry
Girls On Film
From Her 1994 Hit When did Sheryl Crow "Like A Good Beer Buzz"
Early In The Morning
In The Beatles Song “Penny Lane” What Does The Fireman Have In His Pocket
A Portrait Of The Queen
Who Was The Original Lead Singer Of AC/DC
Bon Scott
Which Hit Features The Line "Hop In My Chrysler It's As Big As A Whale And It's About To Set Sale "?
Loveshack (B52's)
Who Played Eliza Doolittle In The Original Stage Production Of My Fair Lady
Julie Andrew
Whose 1979 Debut Album Was Called Inflammable Material
Stiff Little Fingers
Which instrument is principally used in Boogie-Woogie?
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