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How Are The Band Aston, Marvin JB & Oritse More Commonly Known
Gene Vincent Was Injured In A 1960 Car Crash But Who Was Killed In That Very Same Crash
Eddie Cochran
Which Influential Electro Band Were Founded In Sheffield In The 1970's By Stephen Mallinder & Richard H Kirk
Cabaret Voltaire
Crimson & Clover Or Crimson & Lace Was A Hit For Joan Jett
Crimson & Clover
Susanne & Joanne Catherall Sang With Which Band
The Human League
By What Name Do We Know & Love George O Dowd
Boy George
Number of music artists who have covered 'Yesterday"
2 961
Before Judging On American Idol Which US Singer Had A Hit With The Song Opposites Attract
Paula Abdul
Three Stars A Hit For Runy Wright In Britain And Tommy Dee In The States Relates To The Death Of Which Singers
Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, Richie Valens
Go West Had A Hit With "We Close Our Eyes" Or "Eyes Wide Shut"
We Close Our Eyes
Who was the lead singer of Big Brother and the holding Company?
Janis Joplin
Which 90'S Group Were Named After A Bernard Cribbins Hit Of The 60'S?
Right Said Fred
Which Famous Singer / Drummer Played Drums On The Band Aid Single "Do They Know It's Christmas"
Phil Collins
With Which Football Club Is Noel Gallagher Linked
Manchester City
On the song "Dear Prudence", who's Prudence?
Mia Farrow's sister
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