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Who Was The First Person To Cover A Lennon And McCartney Song
Kenny Lynch "Misery"
Icicle Works Had A Hit With "Love Is A Wonderful Colour" Or "It's A Wonderful Life"
Love Is A Wonderful Colour
What Was The Christian Name Of "Moon The Loon"
Name The Guitarist Thet Performed On Belinda Carlisles "Mad About You"
Andy Taylor
Of Which Record Label Was Ahmet Ertegun The Co-Founder
Atlantic Records
Who Went For "All Or Nothing" Reaching No.1 In 1966
The Small Faces
What's The Connection Between Len Barry, Paul Hardcastle & Manfred Mann
(Numbers) 123, 19, 54321
With Which Artist Is The Funk Band The New Power Generation Associated
Who Sang "I Wanna Be Sedated" From The Film "National Lampoons Vacation"
The Ramones
"Baker Street" Was A Hit In 1992 Who Sang It
Which Artists Wore A Peacock Suit
Paul Weller
Which American City Is Associated With Motown
When Did The Prodigy Release "Fire"
Name The Youthful Singer Who Headed The Teenagers
Frankie Lymon
What Was Buddy Holly’s Real Christian Name
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