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What Is The Best Selling Album Of All Time Anywhere
Michael Jackson's Thriller
Which Beatle was against hiring Allan Klein as business manager in 1969?
Which Company used the Queen Single “I Want To Break Free” In A Commercial
For Whom Did David Byrne Produce An Album Called Mesopotamia In 1981
Stacy Lattisaw Had A UK Top 3 Hit In 1980 With The Song Jump To The Beat But Who Got To No 8 In The UK Charts With Their Version Of It In 1991
Danni Minogue
The Pop Duo The Carpenters Had A Lot Of Hits In The 70's But What Are Their Actual First Names PFE?
Karen & Richard
Which album is "Only A Nothern Song" on?
Yellow Submarine
Who Had A Hit With The Song "Don't Pay The Ferryman"
Chris De Burgh
Who Had A Hit With Under The Bridge In 1998
All Saints
Guess The Band From These Initials VA / MB / MC / EB / GH
The Spice Girls
Brother Records Was Formed By Which Group
The Beach Boys
The 3 Degrees Recorded "Ta ke Good Care Of Yourself" In What Yeat 1972,1973,1974,1975
Who Legally Adopted A Symbol To Replace His Name In 1993
Live You're Life Be Free Was A 90's Hit For Who
Belinda Carlisle
Ian Dury Asked To Be Hit With What "Your Best Shot" Or "Your Rhythm Stick"
Your Rhythm Stick
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