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Which Duo Did Bob Dylan Write "Lay Lady Lay" For Though They Never Recorded It
The Everly Brothers
Who Had A Hit In 1993 With "I Have Nothing"
Whitney Houston
Apollo 9 Was A Hit In 1984 For Whom
Adam Ant
Rock & Roll Revival Band "Sha Na Na" Appeared As Johnny Casino & The Gamblers In Which Film
Who Had A Hit With The Song "Don't Pay The Ferryman"
Chris De Burgh
How Many Violin Concertos Did Beethoven Write
Who Were The Beatles Accused Of Snubbing In Manilla In 1966
Imelda Marcos
Who Was Singing About "Macarthur Park" In 1978
Donna Summer
Who released an album titled Forever Changes?
Which Label Shares It's Name With A Famous Hollywood Tower
What was the on flip side of the 45 of "She Loves You"?
I'll Get You
In Which Type Of Car Was Marc Bolan A Passenger When He Was Tragically Killed
A Mini
How Are "Alan, Wayne Merrill, Jay & Donny" More Commonly Known
The Osmonds
Who Had A Number One Hit In 1962 With The Song Telstar?
The Tornados
Who Had A Hit With "Jacobs Ladder"
Huey Lewis & The News
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