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Which 3 Family Members Released The Album "Priority"
The Pointer Sisters
Which Two Impresarios Mixed The 1997 Ministry Of Sound Compilation Album
Pete Tong / Boy George
What band did James Brown tour and record with in the 1950's?
The Famous Flames
What pop stars first and middle names are Katherine Dawn?
K D Lang
Who Used The Pseudonym Lieutenant Lush For Early Stage Appearances As A Member Of Bow Wow Wow
Boy George
Which Northern UK English city Did The Beatles Come From
In Which Musical Did Donald O Connor Perform The Breathtaking "Make Em Laugh" Routine
Singing In The Rain
The Young Ones Was A Hit On Both Screen & Vinyl For Which British Legend
Cliff Richard
Who Wrote The Wedding March
The Drum Break From Funky Drummer Is One Of The Most Used Samples Of All Time Who Recorded The Original Track
James Brown
Rockin Dopsie Queen Ida & Clifton Chenier Are All Cajun Music Legends. How Are They Connected Instrumentally
The 3 Degrees Recorded "Ta ke Good Care Of Yourself" In What Yeat 1972,1973,1974,1975
From Which Heavy Metal Band Was Dave Mustaine Fired In 1982
Which Beatles Song Includes Mick Jagger & Eric claptojn On Backing Vocals
All You Need Is Love
Who Was The First Member Of Take That To Have A Solo No 1 Hit?
Gary Barlow
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