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Who Had A Hit In 1993 With The Song "Mr Vain"
Culture Beat
Which Musical Opens At Uncle Jocko's Kiddie Show In Seattle
Whose Albums Include "Reproduction", "Love And Dancing", "Dare"
The Human League
A Re-Issue In 1986, Which Grace Jones Track Reached No.12 In That Year
Pull Up To The Bumper
Which Prince Song Did Age Of Chance Later Decide To Cover
“Oh Carolina” and “Boombastic” were UK hits for which Jamaican reggae star?
What 4 Letter Word Is Tattooed Of The Body Of Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton?
Who had 60's hits with 'Glad All Over' & 'Bits & Pieces'
Dave Clark Five
Which Artist Went Straight Into The No.1 Slot In July 2007 With The Album “One Chance”?
Paul Potts
Who Wrote The Song Coat Of Many Colours About A Girl Ridiculed About Her Coat Made From Fabric Scraps
Dolly Parton
How Many Siblings Does Dolly Parton Have
Which Rock Superstar Once Appeared In Front Of An Audience Of 53 People
Bob Dylan
Which Roy Orbison Track Entered The Top 10 In The 90's
I Drove All Night
Which Groups Had Hits With "At The Hop" & "Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay"
Danny & the Juniors
What Was Suzi Quatro's First Hit In 1973
Can The Can
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