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This is the strongest poker hand you can get.
Royal flush
How many numbers are on the spinner in the game of 'Life'?
What toy was originally made from the bladder of an animal?
This is the game that "Ties you up in knots".
The easiest to defend continent in Risk
You rotated blocks and matched up the colors to solve this puzzle.
Rubiks cube
Talking toy that helped you do well on Spelling tests.
Speak n spell
Which exercises are designed to increase O2 consumption & speed circulation
In which game or sport can a person be "skunked"?
This chess term means "in passing"
En passant
The object of this card game is to meld sets of 7 or more cards.
This ancient Chinese game is played with 156 small rectangular tiles.
Mah jongg
How many dots are there on a pair of dice?
Forty two
What game is Bobby Fischer associated with?
This cube puzzle was invented by a Hungarian mathematician in 1974.
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