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D&D stands for this.
Dungeons and dragons
Building tool named after Civil War president.
Lincoln logs
Name of Barbie's hot pink sports_car.
What is the best possible score in blackjack?
In Monopoly, What is the cost to buy Oriental Avenue
Leading manufacturer of toy cars.
Hot wheels
How many dots are there on a pair of dice?
Forty two
What is the name of the board that Baduk is player on ?
How much is the luxury tax (in dollars) in Monopoly
What is the most popular sport in england?
What is the tallest piece on a chessboard?
Tic-Tac-Toe is based on which game ?
Nine men morris
Which chess piece is usually valued as 5 points?
How many squares are there on a chessboard?
This ancient Chinese game is played with 156 small rectangular tiles.
Mah jongg
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