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In which sport or game are the terms: 'pin', 'fork', and 'skewer' used?
Which game usually begins with, "Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral?"
Twenty questions
How many pieces are found in a chess set ?
In this game players take turns placing disks on an 8x8 board.
Leading manufacturer of toy cars.
Hot wheels
This is the oldest board game still played (5000 yr old boards were found)
In the game of chess, which piece has the most freedom to move?
What is the best possible score in blackjack?
Personal merry_go_round guaranteed to make you dizzy.
Sit n spin
What is the most popular sport in england?
Tic-Tac-Toe is based on which game ?
Nine men morris
If you're involved in firing, throwing, and glazing, what do you do
Plastic vehicle equipped with spin_out brake.
Big wheel
What game or sport is Bobby Fischer identified with?
Whose 3_dimensional cube became a 70s & 80s craze
Rubiks cube
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