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In Norse myth, there were two separate races of gods: the Aesir gods which included Odin and Thor, and the ____ gods from whom descended Freya.
His wife was Penelope and his son, Telemachus. He was exiled from his home on Ithaca for angering the gods.
Who is the greek equivalent of the roman god Mars ?
Of the 266 popes, how many died violently?
Thirty three
Poseidon was the Greek god of the ______?
Who is the mother of Apollo and Artemis?
He was the father of Zeus
Who is the greek equivalent of the roman god Neptune
Who is referred to in the New Testament as 'the disciple Jesus loved'?
In theology, the study of final things such as death, judgement and the end of the world is called:
Where did Robin Hood supposedly live?
Sherwood Forest
What religious movement was founded by William Booth?
Salvation Army
What is the shortest verse in the bible? (John 11:35)
Jesus wept.
In Greek mythology, who were Achilles' parents?
Peleus and Thetis
In Greek mythology, who did Jocasta marry?
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