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He led the Mormons to the Great Salt Lake.
Who killed a dragon in ancient mythology?
St. George
Name the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.
Yom kippur
Who is the Norse god of poetry
Though the touch of gold was removed, Midas was forever cursed by Athena to have the ears of which animal?
Who is the greek equivalent of the roman god Cupid ?
Where was Methodism founded ?
Oxford University
What are the first three words of The Bible?
In the beginning
On which day was the resurrection of Christ?
Easter Sunday
Which ancient continent is said to be submerged
What is the holy book of Islam ?
Who was the Greek God of prophecy & archery, music & healing, light & truth, agriculture and cattle?
Who was the Greek god of fire?
Who founded the Salvation Army?
William Booth
The Lord's Prayer appears in the Bible how many times (written numerically)?
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