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What was the name of the vehicle in which Sir Malcom Campbell broke the 300 mph barrier in 1935? 
What was the last Port of call for the Titanic?
Famed as a member of the Rat Pack, who died on Christmas day 1995 
Dean Martin 
Name The Event Involving The Anarchist, Peter The Painter? 
The Siege Of Sydney Street 
Where were the ancient script of Linear A and Linear B found ?
Who was the first chancellor of West Germany after WW II
"How Many gifts Would you receive if you received all the gifts in the song ""The 12 Days Of Christmas"") Is It 196, 296, 364, 398 " 
Which Bond film does the character Dr Christmas Jones feature 
The World Is not Enough 
In what country did "Sepoy Mutiny" occur?
What was the name of the company that the characters on Taxi worked for? 
Sunshine Cab Company 
In the movie 'Home Alone', Macaulay Culkin plays a boy who is accidentally left alone at Christmas. What is the name of this character? 
Name the remake of a 1960's film with the aid of the following actors. The first actor was in the 60's original, the second actor played the same role in the remake James Mason and Jeremy Irons 
What Did New Zealand Vote To Abolish In 1961 
The Death Penalty 
How old was John F. Kennedy when he became president
Which corporation opened it's new headquarters in Portland Place, London in May 1932? 
The BBC 
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