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Who Released The 70's Album Entitled Madman Across the Water 
Elton John 
Who was the leader of the Khmer Rouge?
Pol Pot
John F. Kennedy Airport used to be called __________.
What age preceded the Iron Age
The bronze age
What actor was killed in a car crash on the way to participate in a sports car race? 
James Dean 
If you licked Mr T's booty, it would taste like___ 
Sexual Chocolate 
The Greek army under Leonides was annihilated here by Persians in 480BC.
What 80's game show featured the 'Whammy'? 
Press Your Luck 
Where Did King John Sign The Magna Carta? 
What was The Eldest Son Of Edward III Better Known As? 
The Black Prince 
Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI created which principality in 1719? 
What age preceded the Iron Age?
The Bronze Age
December 26th is traditionally known as Boxing Day but it is also which Saints Holy Day 
Saint Stephen 
What 19th century war between Russia and England, Turkey, Britain and France, was named after a peninsula in the Black Sea?
Crimean War
What was the name of the host of Double Dare? 
Mark Summers 
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