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How many days after john f. kennedy's assassination was lee harvey oswald shot 
Who was patricia hurst with the night she was kidnapped 
Steven weed 
What did Rudolph never get to join in 
All the other reindeer games 
Which great Renaissance figure had the surname Buonarroti? 
Halloween originated from a festival celebrated by what ancient European tribe is it A Druids B Huns or is it C Celts 
C = Celts 
What was the nickname of Charlene Tilton, who played Lucy Ewing in Dallas? 
Poison Dwarf 
The official song and anthem of the state of oklahoma is ___,composed and written by richard rodgers and oscar hammerstein 
Where did Bill and Hilary Clinton switch on Christmas lights in 1995?
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Who became president of South Africa in 1989?
F.W. de Klerk
Also In 1968 Which British Coin Was Introduced To Replace The Ten Shilling Note 
50 Pence Piece 
This word describes the Nazi annihilation of Jews.
In the Christmas song what was 'Roasting on an Open Fire' 
To what position was John Masefield appointed in May 1930? 
Poet Laureate 
What type of sweet did Mars and Murrie develop in 1941? 
M & Ms 
Which movie is the line 'Snakes, I hate snakes' from? 
Raiders Of The Lost Ark 
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