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Which Footballer Was Sent home From The 1978 Football World Cup For Taking Illegal Substances 
Willie Johnston 
Who is considered the father of medicine?
The song White Christmas was first performed in which 1942 film? 
Holiday Inn 
This organization was founded by William Booth.
Salvation army
"What is the origin of The X In ""Xmas""? " 
X is the first letter of the word christ in latin 
I Love The Dead', 'Call It Evil' and 'Prince Of Darkness' are all singles released by whom 
Alice Cooper 
Where Did The Mayflower Set Sail From In 1620 
Which former British prime minister returned to power in 1951? 
Winston Churchill 
What do Care Bears do when fighting enemies? 
Which Apollo mission carried Neil Armstrong and his cohorts to the moon? 
Apollo 11 
What french port did 200,000 british troops flee on june 4th 1940 
This Spaniard conquered Mexico.
Hernando Cortez
This Chinese dynasty lasted from 1368 to 1644.
The Christmas carol 'Away In A Manger' … what is a manger 
A Feeding Trough 
Which 60's singing duo divorced after 11 years of marriage? 
Sonny and Cher 
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