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Which Australian cricketer, playing for New South Wales against Queensland, scored a then world record first-class innings of 452 not out? 
Donald Bradman 
What year was the great drought in Britain? 
In which state was `The Blair Witch Project' set 
Which Actress played Grotbags the witch in the TV show Emu's World 
Carol Lee Scott 
Who sang Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy for his 45th?
Marilyn Monroe
Who are the four ghosts in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol? 
Christmas Past, Present, Yet to Come, and Jacob Marley 
Which War Involving The UK Began In 1982 
The Falklands War 
In which country do people wear white clothes in order to have good luck during the new year? 
Which period was first, jurassic or carboniferous?
In what war did the jet fighters first battle each other?
The Korean War
In which city was President Kennedy killed
Who was the last of the apache warrior chiefs 
*What was the name of the computer in TV's Wonder Woman?* 
Which Football Team Became The First To Win The European Cup Winners Cup In 1963 
Tottenham (Spurs) 
Who Released The 70's Album Entitled Machine Head 
Deep Purple 
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