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Which British city was named Deva by the Romans? 
From what country did the U.S. buy the Virgin Islands
Who was the lead singer for Creedence Clearwater Revival, and recently released 'Blue Moon Swamp'?
John Fogerty
Which stormy couple had a hit with Nutbush City Limits? 
Ike & Tina Turner 
Who Uttered The Immortal lines 'They Think It's All Over, It Is Now' 
Kenneth Wolstenholme 
In 1951 Howard Hawks produced The Thing. Who directed the 1982 remake, which starred Kurt Russell 
John Carpenter 
In What Year Was The United Nations Organisation Formed 
Who Wrote the Novel 'The Witching Hour' 
Anne Rice 
Who In 1963 , Became The First Film Star To Earn A Million Dollars For A Single Film 
Elizabeth Taylor In Cleopatra 
In the Christmas carol when did 'Good King Wenceslas' look out? 
Feast Of Stephen 
The Romans built these to convey water.
Live Aid was to benefit which starving country? 
Which entertainer famous for the one liner 'My Little Chickadee' died on Christmas Day 1946 
W.C. Fields 
Which horse won the 1964 Derby 
Santa Claus 
This U.S. Secretary of State won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.
Henry Kissinger
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