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Which 1992 Film Starred Goldie Hawn & Meryl Streep As 2 Woman Going To Extraordinary Lengths To Preserve Their Looks 
Death Becomes Her 
Which 60's hit started with the line 'The Taxman's Taken All My Dough'? 
Kinks/Sunny Afternoon 
What Christian holiday is celebrated immediately after Halloween 
All Saints Day 
In which film is the bad guy a one handed criminal named Han who deals in drugs and white slavery ? 
Enter the Dragon 
Name the original comic strip Bill The Cat appeared in. 
Bloom County 
Which Classic Scary Movie Features The Line 'They're Here' 
What was the third country to get the "bomb"?
Which Song By James Blunt Released In March 2006 Failed To Enter The UK Top 20 Despite Being Top Of The Radio 1 Playlist For That Month 
What did Temujin change his name to ?
Genghis Khan
In 1951 Howard Hawks Produced The Thing. Who Directed The 1982 remake, Starring Kurt Russell 
John Carpenter 
Who Released The 70's Album Entitled Muswell Hillbillies 
John McClane was fighting terrorists in a skyrise in which eighties movie? 
Die Hard 
Which computer manufacturer in 1984 advertised their new computer during the Super Bowl, and never re-used the commercial? 
Who was the first chancellor of West Germany after WW II?
Konrad Adenauer
What colour was Rudolph the Reindeer's nose? 
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