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He was assassinated on Dec. 8, 1980 in New York City.
John lennon
What was the board game introduced in the eighties which featured six categories of questions and little pie shaped pieces you had to collect? 
Trivia Pursuit 
Who did Tom Cruise marry on Christmas Eve 1990 
Nicole Kidman 
In what country did John Lennon and Yoko Ono start their honeymoon? 
What company made PacMan? 
Bally Midway 
Which 1950s films took place in Chicago and Miami 1929 
Some Like it Hot 
What is the title of the 1992 Belgian film about a film crew following and documenting the exploits of a serial killer? 
Man bites dog 
Which Crime Did Sirhan Sirhan Say He Had No Knowledge Of But Was Later Executed For In 1969 
Bobby Kennedy Assasination 
What was the name of the society heiress who stole 8 million pounds worth of pictures in 1974 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison 
Dr Bridget Rose Dugdale 
Who Invented The Christmas Cracker 
Thomas Smith 
Which 1993 Disney Movie Starred Bette Midler As A Witch 
Hocus Pocus 
Which pie originates from medieval Christmas time? 
Humble Pie 
What fell into the pool in Caddyshack which caused a major exodus? 
A Baby Ruth candy bar 
In _Rocky,_ what does Apollo Creed's trainer warn him about Rocky Balboa? 
He's Left Handed 
Which hero, a Christmas panto favourite, marries Bedr-El-Budar? 
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