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Which Long Running Sci Fi Program Was First Aired In November 1963 
Dr Who 
In which body of water is Christmas Island? 
Indian Ocean 
What Colour Are Holly Berries 
Who Was The Mother Of James 1st Of England? 
Mary Queen Of Scots 
He is said to have fiddled while Rome burned.
The _____ universe was replaced by the Copernican universe.
Who Was The First To Sing On The 1984 Band Aid Single 
Paul Young 
Which great ocean liner was launched in 1934? 
The Queen Mary 
Which computer manufacturer in 1984 advertised their new computer during the Super Bowl, and never re-used the commercial? 
In Which Tv Show Might You Encounter 'The Mystery Machine' 
Scooby Doo 
In What Year Did India Gain Independence From British Colonial Rule 
"Who Is The First Ghost To Appear To Scrooge In ""A Christmas Carol""?" 
Marley's Ghost 
Where Was The Royalist HQ During The English Civil War? 
Where did Guinevere retire to die?
From which phrase is the word Halloween Derived 
All Hallows Eve 
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