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Who Released The 70's Album Entitled Germ Free Adolescents 
X-Ray Spex 
13th July 1955 saw the last execution of woman in Britain - who was she 
Ruth Ellis 
Who took over from Kennedy after he was assassinated? 
Lyndon B Johnson 
She was the first woman to swim the English channel.
Gertrude Caroline Ederle
Which city was Axel Foley a cop in? 
Name The Ship In Which Columbus Discovered America? 
Santa Maria (Pinta & Nina Were Sister Ships) 
Who Released The 70's Album Entitled Blood on the Tracks 
Bob Dylan 
Which fictional character created by Steve Coogan, is a presenter for Radio Norwich 
Alan Partridge 
Which 60's singing duo divorced after 11 years of marriage? 
Sonny and Cher 
What caused the computer in Electric Dreams to become alive? 
Spilled Champagne 
Which Horror Film Star Was Portrayed In An Oscar Winning Performance By Martin Landau In Tim Burtons 1994 Film About Cult Filmaker Ed- Wood 
Bella Logosi 
Who in 1893 defined vegtables as plants eaten in a meal and fruits as plants eaten as dessert ?
United States Supreme Court
What was the first transatlantic radio message sent ?
What did Henry Shrapnel invent?
The exploding shell
King Abdullah was assassinated in 1951. Of which country was he king? 
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