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Who did Squeaky Fromme try to assassinate?
Gerald Ford
The last line of this document is "Working men of all countries, unite."
Communist Manifesto
What was the destination of the ship 'Mary Celeste' on it's final voyage November 1872, where it should never arrive ?
This U.S. Secretary of State won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.
Henry Kissinger
Pop Star Marty Wilde Had A Baby Girl In 1960 What Did He And His Wife Call Her 
Kim (Kim Wilde) 
Who was known as "the wizard of Menlo Park" ?
Thomas Alva Edison
Which London Theatre Referring To The 2nd World War Used The Slogan (We Are Never Closed) 
The Windmill 
What country is Men Without Hats originally from? 
In which war was Bunker Hill a major battle? 
The American War Of Independence 
How Many Ships Came Sailing In On Christmas Day 
Who played the Spirit of Christmas in the 1988 TV film 'Blackadder's Christmas Carol' 
Robbie Coltrane 
In which country do people wear white clothes in order to have good luck during the new year? 
Name Jacques Cousteau's research ship.
In Halloween, Michael Meyers wore a Halloween mask of what famous character 
Captain Kirk mask 
The _____ universe was replaced by the Copernican universe.
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