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"What Did My True Love Give To Me On The ""Nineth"" Day Of Christmas" 
9 Ladies Dancing 
Approximately how many children did pharaoh Ramses II father?
What is the name of the Russian Czar's daughter who might-or might not-have survived the Russian revolution?
Which 1988 film saw Bruce Willis battling against a group of terrorists that crudely interrupted a Christmas party 
Die Hard' 
If you were offered a 'spotted dick' after Christmas dinner, what could you expect? 
A Steamed Pudding 
Who Placed His Cloak On A Puddle For Elizabeth I? 
Sir Walter Raleigh 
How long does it take a Christmas tree to grow before it's harvested? 
6-8 Years 
Which frontiersman died at the Alamo?
Davy Crockett
In the Christmas song who 'are getting fat'? 
What is the nickname of oklahoma 
Sooner state 
What was The poem A night before christmas originally called (The Night Visitor, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, A Visit From St Nicholas, A Christmas Visit) 
A Visit From St Nicholas 
What Became America's 50th State On August 21st 1959 
His ship was the H.M.S. Beagle.
Charles Darwin
If a girl puts the letters of the alphabet face down in water, how will she know who she will marry 
His initials will be face up next day 
Who was the last of the apache warrior chiefs 
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