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In 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned following the death of her father George VI but what was his 'proper' first name; David - Albert - Louis - Edward - George 
In 1954 Roger Bannister achieved the worlds 1st Sub 4 min mile in what English County did this take place 
Who was the instigator of the breakaway World Series Cricket in 1977? 
Kerry Packer 
Where did Bill and Hilary Clinton switch on Christmas lights in 1995?
Belfast, Northern Ireland
What employment did patricia hearst claim when booked 
Urban terrorist 
Which eighties fashion accessory consisted of a saftey pin and small beads? 
Friendship pins 
Who Released The 70's Album Entitled For Your Pleasure 
Roxy Music 
What was the fight between Argentina and Great Britan over? 
Falkland Islands 
Who advocated planting peanuts and sweet potatoes to replace cotton and tobacco?
George Washington Carver
What Was The Coronation Year Of Queen Elizabeth 2nd 
Who Was The First President Of The United States? 
George Washington 
Who was the founder of Live Aid? 
Bob Geldof 
Who is considered the father of medicine?
What percentage of pumpkins grown are used on halloween is it A 97% B 98% or is it C 99% 
C 99% 
*What creature attacked President Jimmy Carter in a boat in 1979?* 
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