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What was the first game created by Rare?
How many gears do you have in 'Pole Position'?
Which brothers built a home-made supercomputer to calculate the digits of Pi ?
Who is the Linux operating system named after ?
Linus Torvalds
What does ASCII stand for?
American Standard code for information interchange
Which company made the original 'Donkey Kong'?
Who pilots the Gundam "Epyon" in the game 'Gundam Wing: Endless Duel'?
Miliardo Peacecraft
Who created the music for N2O: Nitrous Oxide?
The Crystal Method
Who is the CEO of Apple computers?
Steve Jobs
In the Mystical Ninja series, who is Goemon's sidekick?
What object did you need to get to the secret room in Atari's 'Adventure'?
The dot
The Internet Relay Chat Program, which normally connects to port 6667, is more commonly known as ___.
What are names of the two brothers in the Double Dragon games?
Billy and Jimmy
What entertainment product did Nintendo make before entering the video game business?
Playing cards
What was launched on the 4th December 1996 ?
Mars Pathfinder
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