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What did the letters in ROB (the old NES peripheral) stand for?
Robotic Operating Buddy
How much money do you start with in the game 'Wall Street Kid'?
What does the 'x' mean when referring to the speed of a CD-rom (eg. 32x)?
Times (faster than standard speed)
What was the name of the first plane ever to fly ?
What game takes place on the fantastic island of Koholint?
Link's Awakening
What is Ozzie's hyper sister's name in the original 'All-C Saga' game?
What does the CAT in CAT-SCAN stand for?
Computerised Axial Tomography
What was the first version of Microsoft Windows to have networking capabilities?
Windows for Workgroups
Who is Mega Man's sister?
What type of printer did Seiko develop for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics?
Dot matrix
Konami's classic shooter Salamander is better known in the U.S. as what?
Life Force
The quote "You spoony bard!" is from what game?
Final FantasyIV
The Nintendo 64 was titled under what name during production?
Project Reality
Circuits can be wired in parallel or ______?
The Sega Genesis game about two lost aliens looking for their spaceship was called what?
ToeJam and Earl
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