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Which RPG series features a line of inventors of the name "Shaia?"
Who is the developer at Nintendo responsible for classics like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda?
Shigeru Miyamoto
What alternate dimension does Link find himself in in Majora's Mask?
What fuzzy animal does Croc rescue?
The Gobbos
Who invented Tetris?
Alexey Pazhitnov
The Internet Relay Chat Program, which normally connects to port 6667, is more commonly known as ___.
In the Soul Edge series, who is known as "The Dandy of the South Seas?"
What happened to the innocent residents of the Mushroom Kingdom when Bowser Koopa took over?
They became bricks and powerup blocks
The Hylians come from what game series?
The Legend of Zelda
Nolan Bushnell, creator of the first arcade game, also founded the video arcade chain now known as what?
Chuck E. Cheese's
How many bits are in a nibble ?
secret of Evermore' was entirely produced in which country?
Who is the third opponent in 'Super Smash Brothers'?
Fox McCloud
Circuits can be wired in parallel or ______?
What does the 'x' mean when referring to the speed of a CD-rom (eg. 32x)?
Times (faster than standard speed)
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