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Circuits can be wired in parallel or ______?
In Adventure, which castles require the bridge to explore fully?
Black and White Castles
When was the first 'Final Fantasy' created?
How much money do you start with in the game 'Wall Street Kid'?
Who is the CEO of Apple computers?
Steve Jobs
Linux is a clone of what operating system?
What does the acronym COBOL stand for?
Common Business Oriented Language
The Sega Genesis game about two lost aliens looking for their spaceship was called what?
ToeJam and Earl
Who is the third opponent in 'Super Smash Brothers'?
Fox McCloud
How many fighters are playable in 'Street Fighter II'?
What was Fortran designed for ?
Formula Translation
What was the first cartridge that had a battery backed save feature?
The Legend of Zelda
What do you need to collect 100 of to get an extra life in Super Mario Bros.?
What was the Jaguar Car called before 1945?
What is the reason behind the layout of the Qwerty keyboard ?
To slow down typing rates
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