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What does LED stand for?
Light Emitting Diode
What object did you need to get to the secret room in Atari's 'Adventure'?
The dot
What is the most powerful whip in 'Castlevania 2'?
Flame Whip
Who said "All life begins and ends with Nu___at least this is my belief for now___"?
Nolan Bushnell, creator of the first arcade game, also founded the video arcade chain now known as what?
Chuck E. Cheese's
The Minus World of Super Mario Bros. is a never-ending version of what stage?
Nintendo's mascot, Mario, has a last name. What is it?
What country did the operating system 'Linux' come from?
secret of Evermore' was entirely produced in which country?
What is a "koopa?"
A turtle
What is the development team at Nintendo headed by Shigeru Miyamotocalled?
What was the first Arcade game ever released?
Computer Space
What is the name of the Star Fox Team's cocky wingman?
Falco Lombardi
Which was the first manned aircraft to exceed the speed of sound ?
Bell X-1
Name the final boss from each Final Fantasy game (1-8, in that order).
Chaos, Emperor from Hell, Dark Cloud, Zeromus, Deathgyunos, Kefka, Sephiroth, and Ultimecia
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