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What is the reason behind the layout of the Qwerty keyboard ?
To slow down typing rates
In Chrono Trigger, who is the "Master of War?"
Samus Aran is the femme-fatale of which series of games?
Who is the main character from Nintendo's 'Earthbound'?
In the Mystical Ninja series, who is Goemon's sidekick?
In the Soul Edge series, who is known as "The Dandy of the South Seas?"
What happened to the innocent residents of the Mushroom Kingdom when Bowser Koopa took over?
They became bricks and powerup blocks
What number is the Pokémon "Scyther" in the Pokémon GameBoy games?
Who was the founder of Lotus Cars Ltd.?
Colin Chapman
On aircraft what does VTOL stand for?
Vertical Take off and landing
Who is the third opponent in 'Super Smash Brothers'?
Fox McCloud
Who is the famed musical director for Square's Final Fantasy series?
Nobuo Uematsu
What was Nintendo's first Arcade game?
In the 'Extreme Battle' mini-game in 'Resident Evil 2', what characters are selectable?
Claire, Leon, Ada, and Chris
What was the hybrid pinball/video game in the Pac-Man series?
Baby Pac-Man
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