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Manjimaru is the main character of which game?
Kabuki Klash
What's the first video game ever to contain an "Easter Egg"?
What is the name of the Playstation controller that uses two analog joysticks?
Dual Shock
What was the hybrid pinball/video game in the Pac-Man series?
Baby Pac-Man
The quote "You spoony bard!" is from what game?
Final FantasyIV
What game takes place on the fantastic island of Koholint?
Link's Awakening
What is the name of the video game inspired by the movie Alien?
Who is Mega Man's creator?
Dr. Light
What was the first version of Microsoft Windows?
Windows 286
Which RPG series features a line of inventors of the name "Shaia?"
Which was the first console "Duke Nukem' game?
Duke Nukem 64
Which legendary games designer/producer created the Super Mario Brothers franchise for Nintendo?
Shigeru Miyamoto
In Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, what animal does Mileena turn into in her Animality?
A Skunk
What arcade game did Shigeru Miyamoto design Donkey Kong as a replacement for?
What does ASCII stand for?
American Standard code for information interchange
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