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What was Nintendo's first Arcade game?
Samus Aran is the femme-fatale of which series of games?
Which Writer established the three laws of robotics?
Isaac Asimov
What does the 'x' mean when referring to the speed of a CD-rom (eg. 32x)?
Times (faster than standard speed)
Who is the developer at Nintendo responsible for classics like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda?
Shigeru Miyamoto
What are names of the two brothers in the Double Dragon games?
Billy and Jimmy
What member of the original StarFox team betrays the group to join StarWolf?
Pigma Dengar
Final Fantasy Legend 1-3 are known in Japan as what?
SaGa 1-3
The Nintendo 64 was titled under what name during production?
Project Reality
What do you need to collect 100 of to get an extra life in Super Mario Bros.?
Who is the CEO of Apple computers?
Steve Jobs
Who was the founder of Lotus Cars Ltd.?
Colin Chapman
Who is the Linux operating system named after ?
Linus Torvalds
How many bits are in a nibble ?
What was the first lighthouse ?
Pharos of Alexandria
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