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What does the acronym HTML stand for?
Hyper Text Markup Language
In the Sonic the Hedgehog series, what serves as your energy?
Circuits can be wired in parallel or ______?
What is the development team at Nintendo headed by Shigeru Miyamotocalled?
In Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, what animal does Mileena turn into in her Animality?
A Skunk
What number is the Pokémon "Scyther" in the Pokémon GameBoy games?
Mega Man's traditional nemesis in the Mega Man series is whom?
Dr. Wily
What is Ozzie's hyper sister's name in the original 'All-C Saga' game?
What is the reason behind the layout of the Qwerty keyboard ?
To slow down typing rates
In 'Pac-Man' for the Atari 2600, how many points were each pellet worth?
Which was the first console "Duke Nukem' game?
Duke Nukem 64
What does the CAT in CAT-SCAN stand for?
Computerised Axial Tomography
What is the most powerful whip in 'Castlevania 2'?
Flame Whip
The Nintendo 64 was titled under what name during production?
Project Reality
How many buttons (excluding the control pad) did the original NES controller have?
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