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Name all of the main characters from each Final Fantasy game, in order (Final Fantasy 2 and 4-10 only).
Frionel,Cecil,Butz,Terra,Cloud,Squall,Zidane,and Tidus
In Sonic the Hedgehog, the character Knuckles is what species?
In 'Adventure', which castle had a dark maze in it when you played on any but the easiest difficult level?
The Black Castle
Who is the main character in the 'DeathQuest' series?
Who is Mega Man's sister?
Who has the world's largest double-decker tram fleet?
Hong Kong
In the Soul Edge series, who is known as "The Dandy of the South Seas?"
What does the acronym COBOL stand for?
Common Business Oriented Language
Which was the first manned aircraft to exceed the speed of sound ?
Bell X-1
Who manufactured the first home video game system?
Who was the main character in the original 'Street Fighter'?
What happened to the innocent residents of the Mushroom Kingdom when Bowser Koopa took over?
They became bricks and powerup blocks
Who is Mega Man's creator?
Dr. Light
What type of printer did Seiko develop for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics?
Dot matrix
Who is the first gym leader you fight in 'Pokémon' for the Game Boy?
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