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Name all of the main characters from each Final Fantasy game, in order (Final Fantasy 2 and 4-10 only).
Frionel,Cecil,Butz,Terra,Cloud,Squall,Zidane,and Tidus
What is the name of the Star Fox Team's cocky wingman?
Falco Lombardi
In the original Contra, what gun would "S" get you?
Spread Gun
In 'Pac-Man' for the Atari 2600, how many points were each pellet worth?
Which Writer established the three laws of robotics?
Isaac Asimov
Who created the music for N2O: Nitrous Oxide?
The Crystal Method
What video game starts out with Koma Pigs stealing your treasured bracelet?
What was invented over 3000 years ago that is now considered the first 'computer'?
The Internet Relay Chat Program, which normally connects to port 6667, is more commonly known as ___.
In Sonic the Hedgehog, the character Knuckles is what species?
What does the acronym "NES" stand for?
Nintendo Entertainment System
Linux is a clone of what operating system?
Final Fantasy Legend 1-3 are known in Japan as what?
SaGa 1-3
Who has the world's largest double-decker tram fleet?
Hong Kong
Who pilots the Gundam "Epyon" in the game 'Gundam Wing: Endless Duel'?
Miliardo Peacecraft
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