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Who manufactured the first home video game system?
In the 'Extreme Battle' mini-game in 'Resident Evil 2', what characters are selectable?
Claire, Leon, Ada, and Chris
Who is the boss of the SNES game, 'Ranma 1/2: SUPER Hard Battle'?
What was invented over 3000 years ago that is now considered the first 'computer'?
What is Celine Jules's (Star Ocean: The Second Story) favorite food?
Baby rabbit risotto
What is IRC an acronym for?
Internet relay chat
Name the final boss from each Final Fantasy game (1-8, in that order).
Chaos, Emperor from Hell, Dark Cloud, Zeromus, Deathgyunos, Kefka, Sephiroth, and Ultimecia
Who is Mega Man's sister?
What country did the operating system 'Linux' come from?
Who is Mega Man's creator?
Dr. Light
The Minus World of Super Mario Bros. is a never-ending version of what stage?
What is Mario's profession?
In the Sonic the Hedgehog series, what serves as your energy?
How many buttons (excluding the control pad) did the original NES controller have?
In the Soul Edge series, who is known as "The Dandy of the South Seas?"
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