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What does ASCII stand for?
American Standard code for information interchange
Who invented Tetris ?
Alexi Pazhitnov
Who was the main character in the original 'Street Fighter'?
Which was the first console "Duke Nukem' game?
Duke Nukem 64
How many bits are in a nibble ?
Mega Man's traditional nemesis in the Mega Man series is whom?
Dr. Wily
In Adventure, which castles require the bridge to explore fully?
Black and White Castles
What was the first version of Microsoft Windows?
Windows 286
What is the reason behind the layout of the Qwerty keyboard ?
To slow down typing rates
What is Ozzie's hyper sister's name in the original 'All-C Saga' game?
What is your character's name in the 'Legend of Zelda' series?
In 'Pac-Man' for the Atari 2600, how many points were each pellet worth?
What did the letters in ROB (the old NES peripheral) stand for?
Robotic Operating Buddy
In Super Mario Bros. 2, how many extra lives do you get for spinning three 7s on the slot machine?
When was the first 'Final Fantasy' created?
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