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The blue whale weighs as much as thirty elephants, and is as long as three __________
Greyhound buses
Milk snakes lay about 13 eggs _ in piles of animal __________
What Do You Use To Tell A Horses Age? 
Check Its Teeth 
Which plant is known for attracting hummingbirds?
The maximum life span of __________ has been documented to be over 200 years in exceptional cases. The average life span of the large colorful fish, however, is 25 to 35 years.
What Describes A Person With No Skin Pigment 
An Albino 
Which Small Rodent , Highly Valued For It's Fine , Silky Fur, Lives Almost Exclusively High In The Andes 
What Is The Shaddock A Variety Of? 
What is the second hardest gem after diamond?
Sir Walter Raleigh's black greyhound was named __________
What Is One Inch In Millimeteres 
25.4 mm 
In 1937 American Chester Carlson Invented A Process Called Xerography What Do We Know It As Today 
Why Was The Jaguar Xj220 So Named 
Top Speed Was 220 
There are seven distinctive types of combs on __________: rose, strawberry, single, cushion, buttercup, pea, and V_shaped.
The Nile crocodile averages about 45 years in the wild, and may live up to 80 years in __________
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