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__________ sea otters spend almost all of their time in the water. Alaska sea otters often sleep, groom, and nurse on land.
In 1880, there were approximately 2 billion passenger pigeons in the United States. By 1914, the species was __________
What Is The Square Root Of 144 
The word "puppy" comes from the French __________, meaning "doll."
Often hunted for its fur, this South American rodent bathes in dust and is often sold in the pet trade.
In what does a rhinologist specialise?
Human nose
There Are 4 Classes Of Myriapods2 Of Which Are Pauropoda & Symphyla. What Are The 2 Better Known Classes Called 
Centipedes And Millipedes 
In 1905, Albert Einstein wrote that E=mc2. What theory is commonly associated with this equation? 
The Theory Of Relativity 
What Is The Algebra Involved In Set Theory Called 
Boolean Algebra 
Complex Numbers Have 2 Components , Name Them 
Real & Imaginary 
In Korea, the deer is a symbol of long life, and is often portrayed in the company of __________
Who ate watercress to dissolve gravel and stones in the bladder?
North American Indians
Which British Car Companys First Car Was The 2 Seater Oxford In 1913 
What Is The Scientific Study Of Birds Called? 
What is made by a Bessemer converter? 
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