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What Is Botany The Study Of 
What is the world's longest snake?
The world's fastest reptile (measured on land) is the spiny_tailed __________ of Costa Rica. It has been clocked at 21.7 miles per hour.
Which sight problem occurs in men far more then in women ?
Colour Blindness
The largest known egg ever laid by a creature was that of the extinct __________ of Madagascar. The egg was 9.5 inches long. It had a volume of 2.35 gallons.
What Was Built At Obrusk In The USSR 
The Worlds First Nuclear Power Station 
What is the ocean of air around the earth called?
The thylacine (considered extinct) is more commonly know as the?
Tasmanian Tiger
Which woman scientist was awarded two nobel prizes in the early part of the 20th century 
Marie curie 
What are these: Ceres, Juno, Iris, and Flora
What name is used to describe permanently_frozen subsoil
On which planet are the craters Brahms and Liszt?
Peritonitis, affects the ________.
The tides on the earth's oceans are actually created by gravitational pull from the ____
What Did Jesse Reno Invent Using Traditional Conveyor Belt Principles To Pull Folding Steps Up A Slope 
The Escalator 
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