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In Which Period Did The Diplodocus Live 
What Does BCG Stand For 
Bacillus Of Calmette And Guerin 
Many seabirds that swallow fishes too large for immediate digestion go about with the esophagus filled. Apparently without discomfort, the tail of the fish sticks out of the __________
Bird's mouth
There once were more sea lions on Earth than __________
On Borneo and Sumatra, the literal translation of this ape's name means "man of the forest."
What is the troposphere immediately lower than?
How Many Legs Does A Wood Louse Possess? 
14 Legs 
Who Propsed The Theory Of Relativity 
Albert Einstein 
This is the symbol for tin.
In Which City Is The Oldest Metro System In The World 
What is the meaning of the name of the constellation Ophiuchus ?
Serpent Bearer
At 3 Feet In Diameter The Rafflesia Has The Largest Single Flower Of Any Plant In The World But Where In The World Does It Grow 
Borneo & Sumatra 
How Many Stomachs Does A Cow Have? 
Which Company Produced The Worlds First Commercial Jet Air Liner 
De Havilland (The Comet) 
What did Wilhelm Roentgen discover in 1895?
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