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Which bird has the best sense of smell? 
Which Term Is Used For Electronic Intruments For Use In Aviation 
What are the units of measurement for Power ?
Which Fish, Previously Thought To Be Extinct Was Rediscovered In 1939? 
The Coelacanth 
Which Model Ferrari Has A Name Which Means Redhead 
What Is The Common Name For The Plant Chlorophytum? 
Spider Plant 
Which disease is also known as "Hansen's Disease"?
This is the heaviest naturally occurring element.
What Type Of Fuel Is Usually Used In Jet Aircraft Engines 
Gorillas do not know how to __________
Which meteor shower occurs on the 12th August ?
As what is Polaris also known?
North Star
During pregnancy, how many times its normal size does the human uterus expand?
Five hundred
By What Process Does A Plant Convert Sunlight Into Energy? 
Where Was The First Alam Clock Produced 
In Germany In 1360 
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