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What Is The Principal Crop Of The United Arab Emirates 
Developed In The Us In 1930 By What Name Is PolyVinyl Chloride Better Known 
What features of the african elephant are larger that those of an indian elephant 
The ears 
What Is Represented By The Blue And White Quartered Circle Of The BMW Logo 
A Spinning Propellor 
Which Element Has The Chemical Symbol K? 
__________ turtles may breed for the first time when they are between 25 to 50 years old. This figure varies, depending upon the creature's range and the diet of the maturing turtle.
A __________ can go without water longer than a camel can.
Giraffe or Kangaroo Rat
This animal's name is the same as that given to a high church official.
If You Were Travelling At Mach II How Fast Would You Be Moving 
Twice The Speed Of Sound 
What bird has the biggest wingspan?
Snails have __________. They are arranged in rows along the snail's tongue and are used like a file to saw or slice through the snail's foot.
So that it can pull its lithe body into a tight, prickly little ball for defense, the hedgehog has a large muscle running along its __________
Which Is The Smallest Of All Birds 
Bee, Hummingbird (2 Grams) 
What travels in gaggles
Which chemical element is represented by the symbol Pa?
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