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Paedology is the study of ______ ?
What is the most widely accepted theory for the creation of the universe?
Big Bang
Swedish Botanist Anders Dahl Gave His Name To Which Flower 
The Dahlia 
As Their Names Would Suggest Where Were The Mamenchisaurus & The Tuojiangosaurus Found 
What Is The Worlds Largest Mammal 
Blue Whale 
Quinine is added to water to make _______.
Tonic water
Native peoples of South America catch __________ and use their razor_sharp teeth to make tools and weapons.
The hummingbird is the only bird that can __________
Fly backwards
Which Bird Is An Emblem Of The French Nation 
The Rooster 
Sir Walter Raleigh's black greyhound was named __________
Peanuts are one of the ingredients of?
The Third space shuttle was named __________.
Why Is The Mole Cricket So Called 
Spends Most Of Its Time Underground 
What is the most reactive element?
What Would You Find In The Pods Of The Pisum Stativum 
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