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Two 1.5 volt batteries, when connected in series, produces _ volts.
What was the first animal on the endangered species list?
Peregrine falcon
__________ instinctively know their own endurance and will refuse to move beyond it. If their masters try to drive them farther, they will lie down and refuse to budge.
From which plant is the poison ricin obtained? 
The Castor Oil Plant 
The striped __________ can fire its musk stream accurately for up to 12 feet, and even farther with a cooperative downwind.
Which Has A Black Bill The Crow Or The Rook 
What name is used to describe permanently_frozen subsoil
What Does E Stand For In E- Numbers? 
What Base Are Hexadecimals 
Which Dam Harnesses The Colorado River 
The Hoover Dam 
The name for the Russian equivalent of Skylab is ________.
What is a Salamander ?
In Engineering What Do The Initials CAD stand for 
Computer Aided Design 
What are Petrol, Naphta, Kerosine, Diesel and Oil ?
Which American Architect/Engineer Invented Geodesic Dome Construction 
Buckminster Fuller 
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