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Botanists, Gardeners & Chefs Know Their Allium Cepas What Is An Allium Cepa 
An Onion 
Term for an emasculated male pig
Which Large Feline Of Asia Is Sometimes Called An Ounce 
Snow Leopard 
Which science studies animal behaviour in natural habitats ?
This animal's name is the same as that given to a high church official.
Which Bird Of Prey Can Often Be Seen Hovering Above Hedges & Ditches At The Road Side 
Where Was The Potters Wheel First Used 
In Mesopotamia c.3000 Bc 
What does a camel store in its hump
This organic gem is a deep red secretion from a marine animal.
What Part Of Its Body Does A ButterFly Use To Taste 
It's Feet 
__________ and short_tailed shrews get by on only two hours of sleep a day.
These flowerless plants grow on bare rocks and tree stumps.
What is the chemical symbol for iron?
Today's oldest form of horse is the Przewalski, or Mongolian Wild Horse. Survivors of this breed were discovered in the Gobi Desert in __________
What Part Of The Body Is The Axilla 
The Armpit 
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