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Who Was Humphrey Bogarts 4th Wife ? 
Lauren Bacall 
Who Was Born And Also Died During Halley's Comet Passing ? 
MArk Twain 
Which 2 People Are Now Best Associated With The Phrase 'You're Fired' (PFE)? 
Alan Sugar & Donald Trump 
How Did Dmaon Hill's Father Graham Die ? 
In A Plane Crash 
What Is The Title Of Tony Adams Biography 
As Of 2000 In Britain John Is Still The Commonest Boys Name What Is The Girls 
Whom Did Neil Kinnock Succeed As Leader Of The Labour Party? 
Michael Foot 
Who Was Eric Sykes On Screen Sister 
Hattie Jaques 
What Was Judge Jefferies Nickname ? 
The Hanging Judge 
Where is the comemoration statue of fictional character Sherlock holems?
Baker Street, london
Who was the first snooker player to be a subject of this is your life on the 14 th January 1978? 
Ray Reardon 
Who Was The Joan Collins Fan Club? 
Julian Clarey 
Who Became Archbishop Of Caterbury in 1980 
Robert Runcie 
Which Controversial Manchester Comedian Died In June 2007 Aged 76 
Bernard Manning 
Who Is The Sister Of Warren Beatty ? 
Shirley Mclaine 
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