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Who was elected as the Conservative MP for Henley in 2001? 
Boris Johnson 
Of What Were Lee Bowyer & Jonathan Woodgate Of Leads Accused 
A Racial Assault 
Thomas Hamilton A Former Scout Master Shocked The Nation On 13 th March 1996 But Why 
Dunblane Massacre 
Complete This partnership Hinge and ? 
Which Comedian Wore A Huge Banana Shaped Shoes On Stage In The 1970's 
Billy Connolly 
Who Did John Mcenroe Play 3 Times In Wimbledon Finals 
Bjorn Borg 
By what name is Marion Morrison better known as?
John Wayne
Which writer caused a massive stir in 1926 when she went missing for eleven days? 
Agatha Christie 
Which FootbaIl Bad Boy Was Accused Of Violent Assault Against Tv Presenter Ulrika Jonsson 
Stan Collymore 
Whose Real Name Is 'Paul Hewson' 
What Is Elton Johns Middle Name 
Which Sportsmans Name Was Hurricane 
Alex Higgins 
Who Or What Is The Actress Uma Thurman Named After 
A Hindu Goddess 
Whose Catchphraase Is 'Nice To See You To See You Nice' 
Bruce Forsythe 
Who Was Faamous For Her 'Pomes' 
Pam Ayers 
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