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Who Was The First Player To Be Sent Off In An FA Cup Final 
Who Was Banned In Germany, Italy & The USSR In The 1930's 
Mickey Mouse 
Who Said 'I Hope Harry Secombe Goes Before Me, I Don't Want Him Singing At My Funeral'? 
Spike Milligan 
Which British Prime Minister was also the longest serving MP at almost 62 years? 
Winston Churchill 
Who Did Princess Anne marry In 1992 ? 
Tim lawrence 
Washington is part of which English city? 
Which Publisher Was Known As Cap' N Bob 
Robert Maxwell 
Which 2 People Are Now Best Associated With The Phrase 'You're Fired' (PFE)? 
Alan Sugar & Donald Trump 
In 1995 Which Comedien Dissapeared For Several Days After Receiving Adverse Reviews 
Stephen Fry 
Who Was Humphrey Bogarts 4th Wife ? 
Lauren Bacall 
Who Was Known As The Forces Sweetheart 
Dame Vera Lynn 
Who won a place in the Guinness Book of Records for writing 26 books in 1983? 
Barbara Cartland 
What Is The Only American State That Starts With The Letter 'A' But Doesn't End With The Letter 'A' 
How Did James Dean Die 
In A Car Crash 
Which Former British Ambassador To The US Is Now BBC's Chief Financial Editor 
Peter Jay 
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