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For What Is Peter Roget Famous 
His Thesaurus Of Words 
Who was the Director of the C.I.A during 1976-77 ? 
George Bush 
Whose Children Are Trixiebell, Little pixie, & Peaches 
Bob Geldof & Paula Yates 
Whom did Mervyn King replace as Governer of the Bank of England in 2003? 
Eddie George 
Who Was Assassinated By Two Sikh Bodyguards 
Indiri Gandhi 
Who Did Cynthia Powell Marry In 1962? 
John Lennon 
Whaat Is Paddy Ashdown First Name 
Which Actress Was Sued For Not Acting In Boxing Helena 
Kim Bassinger 
Who was elected as MP for Belfast West in 1997? 
Gerry Adams 
Which Liberal Leader Was Aquitted Of Attempted Murder 
Jeremy Thorpe 
Who Was William Bonney Better Known As 
Billy The Kid 
Which Famous Actor was Charged with Lewd Behavior in 1995 
Hugh Grant 
In Which State Is Fort Knox, The Location Of The USA's Gold Reserves To Be Found? 
After Whom Is The Teddy Bear Named 
Theodore Roosevelt 
What Was Sir Roger Hollis The Head Of 
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