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Who won a place in the Guinness Book of Records for writing 26 books in 1983? 
Barbara Cartland 
Who Was Known As The Old Groaner 
Bing Crosby 
Whose Daughter Married Thin Lizzys Phil Lynott 
Leslie Crowther 
Whose Real Name Is Eric Clap ? 
Eric Clapton 
Who Invented The Potato Crisp In 1853 
George Crumb 
Which Argentine Prop Was Sent Off For Knocking Out An English Second Row With A Punch 
Carlos Mendes 
Who Was Married To Robin Givens until 1989 
Mike Tyson 
Which writer caused a massive stir in 1926 when she went missing for eleven days? 
Agatha Christie 
What Did Charles Dawson Appear To Have Found On Piltdown Common 
The Missing link 
By what name is Allan Stewart Konisburg better known as?
Woody Allan
By what name is Maurice Micklewhite better known as?
Michael Caine
Who Has The Car Number Plate 'COM1C 
Jimmy Tarbuck 
Which Outspoken Ex Mp Shares Her Birthday with Margaret Thatcher 
Edwina Currie 
Of What Were Lee Bowyer & Jonathan Woodgate Of Leads Accused 
A Racial Assault 
Which Famous Child Actor of the 80's is presently giving evidence at the trial of Michael Jackson 
Corey Feldman 
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