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Who Was The First man To Set Foot On The Moon ? 
Neil Armstrong 
Can You Name The 4 Stars Of The Goon Show 
Michael Bentine, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe 
Which US University is in the city of Cambridge? 
Which Daughter Of A Lighthouse Keeper Rescued Survivors From A Shipwreck 
Grace Darling 
Where Is Britain's National Horseracing Museum 
What Was Evonne Cawley's Madien name ? 
Which Celebrity Launched A Perfume Range Entitled 'M' Just In Time For Christmas 2007 
Mariah Carey 
Where Might You Come Across Walloons 
Which English County Has The Longest Coastline? 
Which Former Goodie Is Into Bird Watching 
Bill Oddie 
Who Was the First Woman To Be Officially Ranked A Billionaire In The USA? 
Oprah Winfrey 
Who was known as the 'Maid Of Orleans'? 
Joan Of Arc 
Washington is part of which English city? 
What Was Sir Roger Hollis The Head Of 
By What Name Was William Bonney Better Known As? 
Billy The Kid 
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