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Of What Were Lee Bowyer & Jonathan Woodgate Of Leads Accused 
A Racial Assault 
What is the only country which is crossed by both the Equator and the Tropic Of Cancer? 
Who Did Cynthia Powell Marry In 1962? 
John Lennon 
Which English comedian's real name is Bob Davies? 
Jasper Carrott 
Which Tennis Player Was Jimmy Connors Engaged To 
Chirs Evet 
In Whose Car Did Mary Jo Kopechne Die At Chappaquidick 
Edward Kennedy 
By what name is Maurice Micklewhite better known as?
Michael Caine
Which Bad Boy Is Arsenals Top Scorer Ever 
Ian Wright 
Which Country Owns Easter Island 
What Do Eric Clapton, Marilyn Monroe, And Laarry Grayson All Have In Common 
They All are Or Were Illegitimate 
What Radio Program Did Roy Plomley Dream Up 
Desert Island Discs 
Which Actor Was Charged With Lewd Behavior In 1995 
Hugh Grant 
Which Actress Was Sued For Not Acting In Boxing Helena 
Kim Bassinger 
What was Madam Tussaud's First name ? 
Complete This partnership Hinge and ? 
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