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Which Controversial Manchester Comedian Died In June 2007 Aged 76 
Bernard Manning 
Who Sued For Libel After Being Described As Boring 
William Roache (Ken Barlow) 
Who was The Second Man To Set Foot On The Moon 
Buzz Aldrin 
What were the surnames of Bonnie & Clyde 
Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker 
Which actress was the first wife of Ronald Regan? 
Jane Wyman 
Who Famously Said 'You Cannot Be Serious' 
John McEnroe 
Whose son got lost in the desert during the Paris Daker rally ? 
Mrs Thathchers Son Mark 
Which British Director Attempted To Appear In All The Films He Directed 
Alfred Hitchcock 
Who Was Born And Also Died During Halley's Comet Passing ? 
MArk Twain 
Which Famous Child Actor of the 80's is presently giving evidence at the trial of Michael Jackson 
Corey Feldman 
In Which Country Was Paper Magnate Robert Maxwell Born ? 
Which James Bond Actor Once Worked As A Coffin Polisher 
Sean Connery 
Which Footballer Famously Slept With Several Miss Worlds Before Leaving Manchester United & Moving To Fulham 
George Best 
Who Was The First Player To Be Sent Off In An FA Cup Final 
In Which Ocean Is The Island Group The Maldives 
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