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Who is Paul Mc-Cartneys Fashion Designer Daughter 
Stella McCartney 
Which Actress Was Sued For Not Acting In Boxing Helena 
Kim Bassinger 
Who wrote the book 'The Guns Of Navarone' 
Alistair McClaine 
Which US University is in the city of Cambridge? 
Who sacked Jonathon Shallit as her manager in 2000? 
Charlotte Church 
Whose son got lost in the desert during the Paris Daker rally ? 
Mrs Thathchers Son Mark 
What Did You Associate With Rod Hull ? 
By what name is Allen Konigsberg better known?
Woody Allen
Which actress played the younger Diana Dors in the 1999 TV film The Blonde Bombshell? 
Keeley Hawes 
Who Was Eric Sykes On Screen Sister 
Hattie Jaques 
Whaat Is Paddy Ashdown First Name 
Whose Nickname Was Satchmo 
Louis Armstrong 
Name The Worlds Richest Woman ? 
Queen Elizabeth II 
Name Tthe Australian Actor Who Advertised Fosters Lager On Tv 
Paul Hogan 
What Part Of Betty Grable Was Insured For Over A Million Dollars 
Her Legs 
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