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Which King Had A Dog Named After Him? 
King Charles ii 
Where Was Mike Tyson Born 
Which City Is Home To The Little Mermaid Statue 
Which Sportsmans Name Was Hurricane 
Alex Higgins 
Which Famous actress Once Said: ' I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house '? 
Zsa Zsa Gabor 
Which 'S' is the most populated city in the world? 
Who Was The Joan Collins Fan Club 
Julian Clarey 
Which Actor Was Charged With Lewd Behavior In 1995 
Hugh Grant 
What do Cleopatra, Margarett Thatcher, & Mia Farrow all have in common 
They All Had Twins 
Who Was Famously Quoted As Saying 'The Only Thing She Wears In Bed Is Channel No.5' 
Marilyn Monroe 
What were the surnames of Bonnie & Clyde 
Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker 
What is the nickname of Jamew Gardner, friend of footballer Paul Gascoigne? 
Five Bellies 
What Was Evonne Cawley's Madien name ? 
Who Was Known As The Maid Of Orleans 
Joan Of Arc 
Who Was Elvis Presleys Manager 
Colonel Tom Parker 
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