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By what name is Norma Jean Baker better known as?
Marilyn Monroe
Who Was The Joan Collins Fan Club? 
Julian Clarey 
What Did Al Capone Die From 
Whaat Is Paddy Ashdown First Name 
Whaat Do Lord Lucan, Amelia Earheart , & Buster Crabbe Have In Common 
They All Disappeared Without A Trace 
What Did Charles Dawson Appear To Have Found On Piltdown Common 
The Missing link 
Who wrote the book 'The Guns Of Navarone' 
Alistair McClaine 
Who Was Known As The Forces Sweetheart 
Dame Vera Lynn 
Who Once Said Of The Navy 'It's Only Traditions Were Rum, Sodomy & The Lash' 
Winston Churchill 
Who Was Elvis Presleys Manager 
Colonel Tom Parker 
In Which Us State was John F Kennedy Shot 
Which Former Python Traavlled Round The World 
Micheal Palin 
What was Madam Tussaud's First name ? 
Who Was The Archbishop Of Canterbury In 1995 
George Carey 
What Did Churhill, Cromwell, & Shakespeare Have In Common ? 
They all Had Red Hair 
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