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Which Tory MP Made Multiple BT Share Applications 
Keith Best 
Which MP & Former Leader Of The GLC Keeps Salamanders 
Ken Livingstone 
After Whome is the Teddy Bear Named 
Theodore Roosevelt 
Where was Albert Einstein Born 
In Which Us State was John F Kennedy Shot 
Who Invented The Minors Lamp ? 
Humphery Davy 
Where is Sir Herbert Baker buried?
Westminster Abbey
Which individual bought one of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks for over 19 million pounds in 1994? 
Bill Gates 
Who Was Known As The Maid Of Orleans 
Joan Of Arc 
Which Famous London Landmark Was Designed by Sir Norman Foster 
The Millenium Bridge 
Whose Ear Did Mike Tyson Bite Off 
Evander Holyfield 
By What Name Was William Bonney Better Known As? 
Billy The Kid 
Which Manager Clipped A Couple Of Hooligans Ears Round The Ear 
Brian Clough 
Which singer wrote the autobiography 'Take It Like A Man'? 
Boy George 
Who Was The Youngest US President To Die In Office 
John F Kennedy 
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