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Which Movies Star Was Famous For The Phrase 'You Dirty Rat' 
James Cagney 
Name The Worlds Richest Woman ? 
Queen Elizabeth II 
This Person Voiced The Muppet Characters Fozzie Bear & Kermit The Frog He Also Supplied The Voice To Yoda In The Star Wars Movies What was His Name? 
Frank Oz 
Who Has The Car Number Plate 'COM1C 
Jimmy Tarbuck 
Jane Caine Has A Claim To Fame As The First Person To Do What 
Speaking Clock Voice 
Which 2 People Are Now Best Associated With The Phrase 'You're Fired' (PFE)? 
Alan Sugar & Donald Trump 
In Which State Is Fort Knox, The Location Of The USA's Gold Reserves To Be Found? 
Which Engineer's Statue Watches Over The Trains At Paddington Station In London? 
Isambard Kingdom Brunel 
Which Footballer Famously Slept With Several Miss Worlds Before Leaving Manchester United & Moving To Fulham 
George Best 
Who Is Actress Betty Joan Perske Better Known As 
Lauren Bacall 
Which MP & Former Leader Of The GLC Keeps Salamanders 
Ken Livingstone 
Who Sued For Libel After Being Described As Boring 
William Roache (Ken Barlow) 
Where was Albert Einstein Born 
Who Was Known As The Maid Of Orleans 
Joan Of Arc 
Whose Real Name Is Eric Clap ? 
Eric Clapton 
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