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Which Famous Artist Painted The Most Paintings 
Who Was Known As The Old Groaner 
Bing Crosby 
Who Is Kenneth Brannagh Married To 
Emma Thompson 
Which Manager Clipped A Couple Of Hooligans Ears Round The Ear 
Brian Clough 
Which Comedian Is Maried To Caroline Quentin 
Paul Merton 
What Is Ronald Biggs Famous For 
Being A Great Train Robber 
Whose final film as director was Eyes Wide Shut? 
Stanley Kubrick 
Which Former Husband And Wife Provide A Link Between The Films Death Becomes Her And Disclosure (PFE)? 
Bruce Willis And Demi Moore 
Who Was Born And Also Died During Halley's Comet Passing ? 
MArk Twain 
Who Was Killed By Indians At Little Big Horn 
General Custer 
By what name is Norma Jean Baker better known as?
Marilyn Monroe
Which Presenter Of Tomorrows World Married Keith Chegwin 
Maggie Philpin 
Where is the biggest mosque in the world?
Madina, Saudi Arabia
Who Is The Heaviest Member Ever To Have Sat In Parliment 
Cyril Smith 
What were the surnames of Bonnie & Clyde 
Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker 
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