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Which Labour MP Attempted To Fake His Own Disappearance 
John Stonehouse 
Who was the first snooker player to be a subject of this is your life on the 14 th January 1978? 
Ray Reardon 
In September 2003, Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Jason Hatch caused an embarrassing security breach at Buckingham Palace dressed as who? 
Albert Einstein Was Born On The 14 th March 1879 In Germany He Was Educated In Austria And Then Eventually Moved To Switzerland But In Which Country Did He Die 
Which singer wrote the autobiography 'Take It Like A Man'? 
Boy George 
Who Became Archbishop Of Caterbury in 1980 
Robert Runcie 
Who is known as 'The Big Yin'? 
Billy Connolly 
Which MP & Former Leader Of The GLC Keeps Salamanders 
Ken Livingstone 
Whose son got lost in the desert during the Paris Daker rally ? 
Mrs Thathchers Son Mark 
Name The Worlds Richest Woman ? 
Queen Elizabeth II 
Who Was William Bonney Better Known As 
Billy The Kid 
Which Romanian Tennis Player Was Famous For His Tantrums 
Ilie Nastase 
Where Was Mike Tyson Born 
Who Is The Sister Of Warren Beatty ? 
Shirley Mclaine 
Which Movies Star Was Famous For The Phrase 'You Dirty Rat' 
James Cagney 
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