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Who is Joley Richardson's famous mother? 
Vanessa Redgrave 
Which Television Presenter And Ex-Spurs & England Footballer Became An Alcoholic 
Jimmy Greaves 
For What Is Peter Roget Famous 
His Thesaurus Of Words 
Which actress was the first wife of Ronald Regan? 
Jane Wyman 
Who Founded the Salvation Army ? 
Wiliam Booth 
Who Was William Bonney Better Known As 
Billy The Kid 
With Whome Do You Associate Lady Falkender 
Harold Wilson 
By what name is Norma Jean Baker better known as?
Marilyn Monroe
Which Movies Star Was Famous For The Phrase 'You Dirty Rat' 
James Cagney 
Which Tory Author Won substantial Damages From The Daily Star 
Jeffrey Archer 
Who Was the First Woman To Be Officially Ranked A Billionaire In The USA? 
Oprah Winfrey 
What Radio Program Did Roy Plomley Dream Up 
Desert Island Discs 
For Which Club Does Paul Merson Now Play 
Aston Villa 
Which film star's statue stands in Leicester Square, London? 
Charlie Chaplin 
After Whome is the Teddy Bear Named 
Theodore Roosevelt 
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