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In Which UK City Was Dick Turpin Hanged? 
Who is known as 'The Big Yin'? 
Billy Connolly 
Which Pop Stars Called Themselves sharon & Phyllis 
Elton John & Rod Stewart 
Which Romanian Tennis Player Was Famous For His Tantrums 
Ilie Nastase 
Who Was The Joan Collins Fan Club 
Julian Clarey 
Which Famous Actor was Charged with Lewd Behavior in 1995 
Hugh Grant 
Whaat Is Paddy Ashdown First Name 
What Is The Only American State That Starts With The Letter 'A' But Doesn't End With The Letter 'A' 
Which Is The Only US State That Has A Name Ending With Three Vowels? 
What Was William Bonney Better Known As 
Billy The Kid 
Who Was Known As The Maid Of Orleans 
Joan Of Arc 
What was Spike Milligan's real first name 
Which Controversial Manchester Comedian Died In June 2007 Aged 76 
Bernard Manning 
Formerly known as East Pakistan what is this country now called 
Which former England international footballer was ordered to give his ex-wife over a third of his earnings in a land mark divorce case in 2004? 
Ray Parlour 
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