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Who Was Known As The Forces Sweetheart 
Dame Vera Lynn 
Who In Music Is Known As The Boss 
Bruce Springsteen 
What Do O.J Simpsons Initials Stand For 
Orenthal James 
Which Comedian Is Maried To Caroline Quentin 
Paul Merton 
Which Argentine Prop Was Sent Off For Knocking Out An English Second Row With A Punch 
Carlos Mendes 
Who Was Banned In Germany, Italy & The USSR In The 1930's 
Mickey Mouse 
Whose Catchphrase Was 'Here's Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Me Into' 
Oliver Hardy 
Name The Playwright Who Was Born On And Who Died On 23rd April 
Which 2 People Are Now Best Associated With The Phrase 'You're Fired' (PFE)? 
Alan Sugar & Donald Trump 
What Is Elton Johns Middle Name 
Which European City Is Famous For Its Latin Quarter 
Which Bad Boy Is Arsenals Top Scorer Ever 
Ian Wright 
Who Said 'We Have Become A Grandmother' In 1989 
Margaret Thatcher 
What Was Evonne Cawley's Madien name ? 
Who Was The 16th Century Seer Famous For His Predictions 
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