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Whose son got lost in the desert during the Paris Daker rally ? 
Mrs Thathchers Son Mark 
Which James Bond Actor Once Worked As A Coffin Polisher 
Sean Connery 
Washington is part of which English city? 
Who Resigned After His Affair With Christine Keeler 
John Profumo 
By what name is Richard Starkey better known as?
Ringo Starr
Which Former Husband And Wife Provide A Link Between The Films Death Becomes Her And Disclosure (PFE)? 
Bruce Willis And Demi Moore 
King Richard The 1 st Is Sometimes Refered To As What 
Richard The Lionheart 
Who Was Married To Robin Givens until 1989 
Mike Tyson 
Who Sued For Libel After Being Described As Boring 
William Roache (Ken Barlow) 
Name The Worlds Richest Woman ? 
Queen Elizabeth II 
Who Is The Heaviest Member Ever To Have Sat In Parliment 
Cyril Smith 
Which Engineer's Statue Watches Over The Trains At Paddington Station In London? 
Isambard Kingdom Brunel 
Who Wrote A Diary About Her Attempts To Avoid The Nazi's 
Anne Frank 
What was Madam Tussaud's First name ? 
This Person Voiced The Muppet Characters Fozzie Bear & Kermit The Frog He Also Supplied The Voice To Yoda In The Star Wars Movies What was His Name? 
Frank Oz 
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