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Who Once Said Of The Navy 'It's Only Traditions Were Rum, Sodomy & The Lash' 
Winston Churchill 
Which Aussie Wicket Keeper Bet Against His Own Team At 500-1 And Won The Bet 
Rodney Marsh 
Who Was Known As Scarface 
Al Capone 
What Is Ronald Biggs Famous For 
Being A Great Train Robber 
Which Cricketer wenbt by the Name of Beefy 
Ian Botham (Beefy Botham) 
Who Was Born And Also Died During Halley's Comet Passing ? 
MArk Twain 
What Was Sir Roger Hollis The Head Of 
Which Footballer Drop Kicked A Fan At Crystal Palace 
Eric Cantona 
Who Has The Car Number Plate 'COM1C 
Jimmy Tarbuck 
What Is Princess Diana's Madien Name ? 
Which saint was known as the apostles of Northumbria? 
St Aidan 
Which Actors Real Name Is Morris Micklewhite 
Michael Caine 
Who Was The Youngest US President To Die In Office 
John F Kennedy 
What Was The Nickname Of The Assassin Carlos Martinez 
The Jackal 
Who Was Elvis Presleys Manager 
Colonel Tom Parker 
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