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In Which Couuntry Was The Playwright Tom Stoppard Born 
Who Committed Suicide In An Attempt To save Scott's Expedition 
Captain Oates 
What Do You Call A Person From Manchester 
By what name is Allan Stewart Konisburg better known as?
Woody Allan
Who Is Actress Betty Joan Perske Better Known As 
Lauren Bacall 
Who Was William Bonney Better Known As 
Billy The Kid 
Who Was Known As The Maid Of Orleans 
Joan Of Arc 
Formerly known as East Pakistan what is this country now called 
Who Sued For Libel After Being Described As Boring 
William Roache (Ken Barlow) 
Who Was Born And Also Died During Halley's Comet Passing ? 
MArk Twain 
Which actress played the younger Diana Dors in the 1999 TV film The Blonde Bombshell? 
Keeley Hawes 
Which Footballer Famously Slept With Several Miss Worlds Before Leaving Manchester United & Moving To Fulham 
George Best 
Who was Born Farouk Bulsara? 
Freddie Mercury 
Whom Did Neil Kinnock Succeed As Leader Of The Labour Party? 
Michael Foot 
Who Was Known As The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships 'Helen Of Troy' 
Helen Of Troy 
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