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Who was The First Man To Run A Mile In Under 4 Minutes 
Roger Bannister 
What Should You Call An Inhabitaant Of Newcastle 
A Novocastrian 
Which British Director Attempted To Appear In All The Films He Directed 
Alfred Hitchcock 
Whose Real Name Is 'Paul Hewson' 
Who is Julie Andrews Married To 
Blake Edwards 
Who Was Known As The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships 'Helen Of Troy' 
Helen Of Troy 
Washington is part of which English city? 
Which Footballer Famously Slept With Several Miss Worlds Before Leaving Manchester United & Moving To Fulham 
George Best 
Formerly known as East Pakistan what is this country now called 
Which Cricketing Bad Boy Is Known As 'The Cat' 
Phil Tuffnel 
Which former Radio 1 DJ used to broadcast 'Our Tune'? 
Simon Bates 
Which Famous actress Once Said: ' I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house '? 
Zsa Zsa Gabor 
Which Tory Author Won substantial Damages From The Daily Star 
Jeffrey Archer 
With Whome Do You Associate Lady Falkender 
Harold Wilson 
Whaat Do Lord Lucan, Amelia Earheart , & Buster Crabbe Have In Common 
They All Disappeared Without A Trace 
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