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In which year will London host the Olympic Games 
Which NFL team's defensive unit was nicknamed "The Purple People Eaters"
The minnesota vikings
What number wood is a driver in golf?
What Sport Would You Expect To See In A Velodrome? 
Which Sport Has The Davis Cup 
Who has played in the most consecutive baseball games?
Cal Ripken Jr
On what type of surface are the tennis matches at Wimbledon played?
Who won a boxing gold medal at Sydney in 2000 in the super heavyweight division? 
Audley Harrison 
At Which Sport Was Hungarian Victor Barna World Singles Champion 5 Times 
Table Tennis 
On Which Day Of The Week Was The 1997 Grand National Contested? 
Monday (Due To Bomb Scare) 
Soccer: The New York _________.
In Which Sport Is The Americas Cup Awarded? 
Yacht Racing 
Which Japanese Martial Art Uses Bamboo Swords? 
In pro football a "sudden death" period lasts how many minutes long
Which Football Team Managed To Loose The 1974,1978 World Cup Finals 
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