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What Colour Caps Are Worn By The Australian National Cricket Team? 
David Campeze Was the Leading try Scorer for Which country 
In Which Athletic Event Was Colin Jackson A Dominant Figure 
110m Hurdles 
Which Sporting Event Of 1985 Attracted 18.6 Million Viewers In The Early Hours Of The Morning? 
Embassy World Snooker (Taylor & Davis) 
In golf, what bird's name means two under par 
Which tycoon failed to buy Manchester United in 1998? 
Rupert Murdoch 
Who was the first american to win the Formula 1 championship?
Phil Hill
Name The Youngest Ever World Heavyweight Boxing Champion 
Mike Tyson 
Who did 'Tennis World' name rookie of the year in 1974?
Martina Navratilova
Which sport is played by the Minnesota Twins? 
Within Which Sport Might You Encounter The Cyclops System 
Which Country Is Set To Host The 2010 World Cup Finals 
South Africa 
Who hosted the 1999 cricket World Cup?
Who Became World Heavyweight Boxing Champion By Beating Ken Norton After Muhammad Ali Retired In 1979 
Larry Holmes 
Other than England, which european country took part in the 1996 cricket World Cup?
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