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Football: The San Diego ______?
Which Scottish Golfer Was Captain Of Europes 2002 Ryder Cup Team 
Sam Torrance 
At Which Sport Did James Bond Play Auric Goldfinger Waging A Gold Bar On The Outcome? 
In which Gymnastics discipline would a man do the scissors? 
Pommel Horse 
Name The Famous Sportsman Who Lit The Torch At The Opening Of The 1996 Olympic Games? 
Muhammad Ali 
Which Jump Event Did Carl Lewis Specialize In As Well As The Sprint? 
Long Jump 
Which Sportswear Company Is The Brand With The Three Stripes? 
The very first Olympics were part of a festival to honor which God? 
In 1999 who was voted PFA player of the year? 
David Ginola 
Who holds 3 World Heavyweight boxing belts? 
Lennox Lewis 
Name the hockey trophy awarded to the player demonstrating the best sportsmanship.
The lady byng trophy
When Kevin Keagan Left Liverpool To Which Club To Move To 
With which sport is Jack Nicklaus associated ?
According to rules of both sports, the top of which net is highest from the ground, Tennis or Table Tennis 
How Much Is The Yellow Ball Worth In A Game Of Snooker 
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