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Which Uk Football Team Are Known As The Owls 
Sheffield Wednesday 
The Pen Hold Grip Is Often Used In Which Sport? 
Table Tennis 
In Which Game Are Projectiles Thrown At Stakes Called Hobs 
How many balls are on a pool table at the start of a game? 
From which club did Manchester United sign Roy Keane? 
Nottingham Forest 
What Is Awarded To A British Champion In Boxing 
A Lonsdale Belt 
Name the hockey trophy awarded to the player demonstrating the best sportsmanship.
The lady byng trophy
How Many Hurdles Are Jumped Over In A 110-Metre Men's Hurdles Race? 
In which sport would you use the Eskimo Roll? 
In which sport is the Davis Cup awarded?
Who Won The US Open Men's *Tennis * Title in 1990 At The Age Of Just 19? 
Pete Sampras 
What are large snow bumps known as in skiing terms
Who Was The First Player To Score 100 Goals In The Football Premiership League? 
Alan Shearer 
What Is The Down Wind Sail On A Yacht Called 
The Spinnaker 
What Is The Pitch Called In American Football 
The Grid Iron 
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