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Which Former Sports Person Became MP For Falmouth & Cambourne In 1992 
Sebastian Coe 
In Water Polo, Which Player Wears A Red Cap 
The Goalkeeper 
What Country Was The First To Win The World Cup & What Country Was The First To Host It (PFE) 
Uruguay & Uruguay 
Where were the 1924 Olympics held ?
Paris, France
What Colour Is The 8 Ball In A Game Of Pool 
In Billiards, How Many Points Are Awarded For Potting The Red 
In the game of cricket which bird name means scoring no runs 
The Colours of the All England Lawn Tennis Club are green and what else 
Who won three ladies singles titles at Wimbledon in the 1950's? 
Maureen Connolly 
What is James Naismith best known for?
Inventing Basketball
Which English football team are nicknamed the Tractor Boys? 
Sergey Bubka has set a world record in which field event over 30 times? 
Pole Vault 
When Boris Becker Was The First Unseeded Player To Win Wimbledon, Who Did He Beat In The Final? 
Kevin Curran 
This sport allows substitutions without a stoppage in play.
Loftus Road is the home of which football club? 
Queens Park Rangers 
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