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In Which Sport Might You Encounter A Pommel Horse 
Which Sport Uses The Lightest Ball? 
Table Tennis 
Hockey: The Calgary _______?
How Many Jumps Are There In The Grand National 
30 Jumps 
Hockey: The Boston ___________.
Which brothers represented England in the 1995 rugby union World Cup? 
Rory and Tony Underwood 
Which sportsman is mentioned in the Simon & Garfunkel song Mrs Robinson? 
Joe Dimaggio 
Basketball: The New York __________.
Which club did Jose Mourinho leave to become manager of Chelsea in 2004? 
Where were the 1896 Olympics held ?
Athens, Greece
Who 2 Members Of The England Football Team Missed Penalties Against Portugal In Euro 2004? (PFE) 
David Beckham & Darius Vassell 
Which Wrestler Got His Name From A Tennessee Williams Character 
Big Daddy 
How Many Hurdles Are Jumped Over In A 110-Metre Men's Hurdles Race? 
Who Was The First Footballer To Receive A Knighthood? 
Sir Stanley Matthews 
He was the NBA, MVP in 1976, 77, and 80.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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