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What Is The Dart Player Eric Bristows Nickname 
The Crafty Cockney 
Which football team plays at Pride Park ? 
Derby county 
Who Made The First 147 Break At The Snooker World Championships 
Cliff Thorburn 
In Which Sport Would You Encounter A Bully Off? 
From Which Football Club Did Manchester United Sign Roy Keane In 1993? 
Nottingham Forest 
Sir Paul Fox created which programme, that is shown on the BBC every year? 
Sports Personality Of The Year 
Who was disqualified after failing a drugs test at the 1988 Olympic Games In Seoul 
Ben Johnson 
In Field Athletics What Is Thrown The Shortest Distance 
Ignoring the Words 'Football' And 'Club' Which Is The Only Team In The 2006/2007 Premiership League Whose Name Contains All The Letters From The Phrase 'Red Card'? 
Manchester United 
Silly Point is a position in which sport? 
Straight, Eight Ball And Nine Ball Are Varieties Of Which Game 
Who has made more test match appearances for England than any other cricketer? 
Graham Gooch 
Was Jimmy Connors left or right handed? 
Left Handed 
Which Wood Are Cricket Bats Usually Made From? 
In Formula One what does it mean when they are waving a black flag? 
A Driver Has Been Disqualified 
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