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Baseball: The Cleveland ______?
Which Athlete Was Known As The Buckeye Bullet 
Jesse Owens 
Whats the main feature of a speedway motorbike?
No Brakes
The Colours of the All England Lawn Tennis Club are green and what else 
What Colour Caps Are Worn By The Australian National Cricket Team? 
The very first Olympics were part of a festival to honor which God? 
California Dolls Is A Movie That Was Inspired By And Features Which Sport 
In Squash Each Game Is Played Until A Player Scores How Many Points 
In showjumping, how many points are incurred for knocking down a fence?
At what age can a player join the Seniors Golf Tour 45, 50 or 55? 
Who Was Britains Golden Girl In 2004 Winning Both The 800 & 1500 Metres 
Kelly Holmes 
What Type Of Fruit Is Depicted On Top Of The Men's Singles Trophy At Wimbledon? 
A Pineapple 
In what sport is the Heisman trophy awarded
American football
Which Chess Piece Always Remains On The Same Colour Square 
Tthe Bishop 
What sport do the Harlem Globetrotters play
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