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How Long Does A Game Of Field Hockey Last? 
70 Minutes 
How Many Hurdles Are There In The Men's 110metres Hurdles? 
What's the nickname of the University of Georgia football team?
What sport would you helicopter to the Bugaboos for
Who did Sue Barker replace as host of the BBC quiz show (A Question Of Sport)? 
David Coleman 
Which formula one team does Juan Pablo Montoya drive for? 
In the world of sport what has the maximum dimensions of 60 metres by 30 metres? 
An Ice Skating Rink 
What is 11-12 Inches Long and Can't Weigh Less Than 50 Grams? 
A Relay Batton 
Which 1990 Film Was Set Against The NASCAR Racing Circuit 
Days Of Thunder 
Who holds 3 World Heavyweight boxing belts? 
Lennox Lewis 
Who was the only woman to win an athletics gold medal for Britain in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics? 
Sally Gunnell 
What Animal is Featured On a Ferrari Badge 
What game features the largest ball
What do runners pass to each other in a relay race
Baseball: The Philadelphia ______?
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