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In Which City Were The 2000 Olympic Games Held? 
Which Moroccan Athlete Became The first Man To Run 5000 m In Under 13 Minutes 
Said Aouita 
What Colour Is The 8 Ball In A Game Of Pool 
The Japanese martial art of fencing is called ________.
Which Film Starring John Candy Told The Story Of The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team 
Cool Runnings 
Name The Youngest Ever World Heavyweight Boxing Champion 
Mike Tyson 
Which Of These Sports Does Not Allow You To Play Left Handed (Polo, Squash, Fencing, Tennis) 
Which famous duo won the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year In 1984? 
Torvill & Dean 
What Type Of Bowler Might Use A Chinaman 
A Legspin Bowler 
What sport would you helicopter to the Bugaboos for
With which sport is Chirs Evert-Lloyd associated ?
Which Italian football club did Paul Gascoigne turn out for? 
What Do The Letters PB Next To An Athlete's Name Indicate 
Personal Best 
Packy East Had 3 Boxing Bouts All Of Which He Lost When Asked About Them He Said & I Quote ' I Was On The Canvas More Times Than Rembrandt ' How is he better known 
Bob Hope 
What was won in 1995 by a Spaniard, in 1996 by a Dane, in 1997 by a German, in 1998 by an Italian & in 1999 by an American? 
The Tour De France 
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