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How Many Consecutive Wimbledon Titles Did Bjorn Borg Win 
What are the two basic aids in orienteering?
Map and compass
What was Mohammed Ali's original name?
Cassius Clay
Which female tearful athlete was BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1987? 
Fatima Whitbread 
Hockey: The Calgary _______?
Where were the 1920 Olympics held ?
Antwerp, Belgium
Which Rugby League Club Has Won The Challenge Cup More Times Than Any Other 
Wigan (15) 
Who Was The First Woman To Run A Mile In Under 5 Minutes 
Diane Leather 
Who is known as Pistol Pete? 
Pete Sampras 
Until 2001, Southampton Played At The Dell But Have Now Moved To Where? 
St Mary's 
Who Was The First Asian Snooker Player To Be Ranked In The World's Top 10? 
James Wattana 
What is the international governing board of football (soccer)?
Who Won A Seventh World Snooker Title In 1994? 
Alison Fisher 
What Is The White Ball In Bowls Called 
The Jack 
Name The Horse That Won The 2007 Grand National 
Silver Birch 
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