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Who Was Captain Of England In 1966 When They Won The World Cup 
Bobby Moore 
What Is The Name Of The Place Where Ice Hockey Players Are Sent For Breaking The Rules 
The Sin Bin 
Snooker player Peter Ebdon has a significant physical disadvantage. What is it? 
He is colour blind 
Who was the 1978 Wimbledon Women's Singles champ?
Martina Navratilova
Football: The Baltimore ________.
What is the name of the oldest National Hockey League team in the US?
The Boston Bruins
Tony Drago is a snooker professional from which country? 
What Did Eddie The Edwards Had To Have 2 Inches Taken Off His What When He Represented England At The 1988 Winter Olympics 
His Chin 
In What Sport Would You (Catch A Crab) 
What Nationality Is Former Snooker World Champion Cliff Thorburn 
What are large snow bumps known as in skiing terms?
In ten-pin bowling, how many points does a perfect game consist of?
Three hundred
How many players are there on a water polo team?
In April 2003 Who Became The Oldest Man To Be Rated No1 In The World Tennis Association Rankings At The Age Of 33? 
Andre Agassi 
Who Was The First Boxer To Receive A Knighthood 
Sir Henry Cooper 
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