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Which Tennis Player Has Announced they Are To Quit The Sport After It Emerged That They Tested Positive For Cocaine At This Years Wimbledon? 
Martina Hingis 
Which Heavweight Boxer Is Known As The Real Deal 
Evander HolyField 
What Sport is Played On The Back Of a Ten Pound Note 
Which Rugby League Club Has Won The Challenge Cup More Times Than Any Other 
Wigan (15) 
What was football player Dick Lane's nickname
Night train
Name The Famous Sportsman Who Lit The Torch At The Opening Of The 1996 Olympic Games? 
Muhammad Ali 
In Which Type Of Card Game Might You Make A Meld 
Rummy Or Canasta 
When Commonwealth Gold Medalist Judy Simpson Was On Gladiators What Was Her Characters Name 
Night Shade 
What trophy is awarded to the winner of the NHL playoffs?
Stanley Cup
Who Played The Part Of Muhammad Ali In The Bio-Pic Of His Life 'The Greatest'? 
Muhammad Ali!! 
Was The Oxford And Cambridge Boat Race First Contested In The 18th, 19th Or 20th Century 
Which crew sank in the 1978 boat race? 
Which first division football team has been promoted to play in the Premiership next season? 
Which 2 steves were record breaking middle distance runners in the 70's 80's 
Steve Cram & Steve Ovett 
How Long In Miles Is A Marathon 
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