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Football: The Cincinnati _________.
What Is The First Event In The Heptathalon 
100 Metres Hurdles 
There Are 2 Major League Baseball Teams In New York City Cab You Name Them PFE 
Yankees & The Mets 
Which Football Team Are Known As The Toffees 
How did Catherine McTavish make Wimbledon history in 1979 
First Female Empire 
What is the name of the oldest National Hockey League team in the US?
The Boston Bruins
What Is The Only Sport In Which You Can See Teams Defending Goals Of Different Sizes 
Water Polo 
Which sport is played by the Minnesota Twins? 
Which football team was nicknamed the "Orange Crush"?
Denver Broncos
Football: The Dallas _________.
In 1992 Kevin Keegan became manager of which football club? 
Newcastle United 
Which first division football team has been promoted to play in the Premiership next season? 
What Did Both Arsenal & Chelsea Have In 1928 That No Other Team Had? 
Numbered Shirts 
How many referees work a soccer game?
In pro football a "sudden death" period lasts how many minutes long
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