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Which snooker player ended Stephen Hendry's five-year unbeaten run at The Crucible? 
Ken Doherty 
What 3 Letter Word It The Name Given To A Replayed Point In Tennis 
What nationality was formula one driver Ayrton Senna? 
What sport do the following terms belong to - "Tight End & Wide Receiver"?
American Football (Gridiron)
Which Famous TV show was introduced by the theme tune The Black and White Rag? 
Pot Black 
According to Olympic rules, what number of feathers must a badminton bird (shuttlecock) have?
Competitive Swimming Has 4 Events Butterfly, Breast Stroke, Back Stroke, & What Other 
Who Sobbed On The Duchess Of Kent's Shoulder When She Lost Her Wimbledon Final To Steffi Graf? 
Jana Novotna 
In 1994 Oliver McCall Defeated Who To Become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion 
Lennox Lewis 
The very first Olympics were part of a festival to honor which God? 
Baseball: The Philadelphia ______?
What type of testing was first carried out at the Olympics in 1968? 
Sex Testing 
Baseball: The Florida ______?
Who had the nickname 'Golden Bear'?
Jack Nicklaus
How many minutes is a major penalty in hockey
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