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The first cricket one-day international was held between england and ______?
What Is The Highest Possible Out Shot In A Game Of Darts 
170 (t20 t20 Bull) 
Who Moved Up To The No.1 Ranking For Snookers 1998-1999 Season 
John Higgins 
Which Premiership footballer has the real name of Sulzeer? 
Sol Campbell 
Football: The San Diego ______?
Which is the only position in soccer allowed to handle the ball
How Many Players Are There In A Netball Team 
With which sport would you most associate the commentator Ted Lowe? 
Which Class Is The Lowest Weight In Professional Boxing 
Straw Weight 
The person who carries the golfer's clubs is called a(n) ________.
What is the only Swimming Stroke not Started by a dive? 
Baseball: The Chicago ______?
Within Which Sport Might You Encounter The Cyclops System 
Who Were The Only 2 Players To Score For England In The 1986 Football World Cup Finals? (PFE) 
Gary Lineker & Peter Beardsley 
How Many Epsom Derbies did Lester Piggott Win? 
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