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What is soccer star Pele's real name?
Edson Arantes do Nascimento
Other than Alain Prost, which driver won three Formula One World Championships in the 80's? 
Nelson Piquet 
How many seams are there on a football (American)
In which sport is the term "love" used
What Is Tthe Mark Behind Which Dart Player Must Stand Called 
The Oche 
Which weight division in boxing lies between flyweight and featherweight?
The Greek God Apollo Accidently Killed His Friend Hyacinthus While Practising For Which Sporting Event 
The Discus 
Who Scored AS Record 11,174 Cricket Test Runs For Australia 
Alan Border 
Which Football Team Plays At The Baseball Ground 
Derby County 
What Diameter Is The Circle From Which You A Discus 
Which Football Clubs Motto 'Superbia In Proelio' Translates Into English As Pride In Battle 
Manchester City 
Over what distance is the Melbourne Cup horse race ran (in metres)?
What's the nickname of the University of Georgia football team?
How many sides does a home-plate have?
Who Was The First Boxer To Defeat Frank Bruno In A Professional Fight? 
James Bonecrusher Smith 
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