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Which actress won the 2002 Academy Award for best actress in a leading role, for her part in the movie, 'Monster's Ball'?
Halle Berry
Actor: __________ Savalas.
Which Elton John song was re-recorded as a requiem for Lady Diana Spencer?
Candle In The Wind
Pancho was whose faithful sidekick?
Cisco Kid's
What came out of Milton's head
Which character sang, "When you wish upon a star.." in Disney's "Pinocchio"?
Jiminy Cricket
What is the drummer's name in 'The Muppet Show'?
At the end of "Planet of the Apes" what protruded from the rocks?
Statue of Liberty
White Room' was a hit off which Eric Clapton album?
Fat Albert and friends was created by ______ ?
Bill Cosby
Tinky winky, Dipsy LaLa and Po are know as what?
The Teletubbies
What film marked James Cagney's return to the screen after 20 years?
What was Citizen Kane's first name?
Who directed the film 'Ordinary People'?
Robert Redford
Who wrote the oprea 'La Traviata'?
Guiseppe Verdi
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