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What was the first CD pressed in the USA?
Born In The USA
Who sang 'Beauty and the Beast'?
Celine Dion
Which band included rock greats Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, George Harrison, and Bob Dylan?
The Travelling Wilburys
What TV series from 1970-1974 starred Susan Dey?
Partridge Family
Who wanted 'a lover with a slow hand'?
The Pointer Sisters
Formerly with Spencer Davis, he went on to form Traffic with Dave Mason. He is?
Steve Winwood
What was the name of the two space shuttles in 'Armegeddon'?
Freedom and Independence
What is the stage name of Greta Gustafson?
Greta Garbo
For which cartoon character was Beethoven a favourite composer?
This term means to play smoothly?
Who played the lead in the movie "The Matrix"?
Keanu Reeves
Who is Scooby Doo's son
Scrappy doo
What was the first cartoon character called?
Oswald the Rabbit
Who played Dr. Frankenfurter in the pop-culture film 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Tim Curry
Who directed '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'A Clockwork Orange'.
Stanley Kubrick
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