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Name the band - songs include "Mystify, Listen Like Thieves, Original Sin"?
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Who is the voice of Darth Vadar?
James Earl Jones
What was the name of George of the Jungle's pet elephant
How many Oscars did Ben Hur win?
What is Blondie's maiden name?
Name the band - songs include "Let's Stick Together, The Price of Love"?
Bryan Ferry
After who was Deana Carter named?
Dean Martin
Which Australian duo took 13 nominations and 10 wins at the ARIA awards?
Savage Garden
Bugs always finds himself at the wrong end of a gun, usually toted by either Elmer Fudd or who?
Yosemite Sam
Who runs Andy Capp's favorite pub?
Jack and Jill
Who play Captian Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation?
Patrick Stewart
What instrument does Woody Allen play?
Juliette Binoche won an academy award for best supporting role in which film?
English Patient
Who is the fastest mouse in all of Mexico?
Speedy Gonzalez
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