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In what year did both Peanuts and Beetle Bailey first appear
Who were the rivals of the T-Birds in the movie "Grease"?
Who sang 'Born In The USA'?
Bruce Springsteen
Who sang 'Islands In The Stream' with Kenny Rogers?
Dolly Parton
R. Kelly sings: 'If I can see it then I can do it, if I just believe it, there's nothing to it'. What's the song title?
I Believe I Can Fly
What is the name of the Family Circus's dog?
Younger version of Aquaman
Secret Identities: Jimmy Olson
Elastic lad
Casper the Friendly Ghost frolicked with which witch?
Name Hagar the Horrible's dog.
In which opera does Leporello entertain a vengeful jilted lover?
Don Giovanni
Who is Declan Patrick McManus better known as?
Elvis Costello
On 'Dragnet', who played officer Bill Gannon?
Harry Morgan
What is the official birthplace of country music?
Where did George Harrison discover gold?
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