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Which of Beethoven's symphonies was the legendary "Incomplete"?
The 9th Symphony
What instrument are you playing when you perform a rim shot?
This gypsy swing guitarist nearly had his left hand destroyed by fire as a child?
Django Reinhardt
In the film 'The Day Of The Jackal', who played the Jackal?
Edward Fox
What is Blondie's maiden name
Who played Clyde to Faye Dunaway's Bonnie?
Warren Beatty
How many members are in the 'fairfield four'?
Who collaborated with John Lennon on 'Whatever Gets You Through The Night'?
Elton John
Who is stationed at Camp Swampy in the comic strips
Beetle bailey
Name the band - songs include "Get Down & Get With It, Mama We're All Crazy Now"?
Who played Dr. Frankenfurter in the pop-culture film 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Tim Curry
What is the name of the rabbit in the film, "Bambi"?
What was the setting for "The Sound of Music"?
Whats the smallest size grand piano?
A Baby Grand
Who said 'you'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap'?
Dolly Parton
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