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Who was Carl in Five Easy Pieces before going to Walton's Mountain?
Who sang 'Bad Case Of Loving You'?
Robert Palmer
Name Cathy's on again/off again boy friend?
Pancho was whose faithful sidekick?
Cisco Kid's
Who did Vivian Vance play on 'The Lucy Show'?
Vivian Bagley
An arrangement for five performers is called a:
What's the name of the Mummy in the film "The Mummy"?
What band recorded the 1978 hit album: "Briefcase Full of Blues"?
The Blues Brothers
Gadzookie has a large, green friend. Who is he
What group's biggest-ever hit was Be My Baby?
The Ronettes
In the 60s Mokees Song Here comes Tommorow who does Davey Jones say he Loves?
Sandra and Mary
Secret Identities: Arthur Curry
Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he didn't wear ______?
Who sang about 'The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B'?
The Andrews Sisters
Which superhero loves peace enough to kill for it
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