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Who says, "Th_th_th_that's all folks!"
Porky pig
Which singer is a former school teacher?
Sheryl Crow
Who was Barney Rubble's best friend?
Fred Flintstone
What is Dennis the Menace's last name
What was the name of the restaurant the TV series "Happy Days"?
What was Betty Grable's nickname?
The Legs
In the Gene Pitney how many hours was it from Tulsa?
How many strings are there on a bass guitar?
Secret Identities: Cliff Steele
Who married Shania Twain?
Robert "Mutt" Lange
Actor: _______ Borgnine.
What type of plant does Broom Hilda sell
Venus flytrap
Who sang 'That's Alright Mama'?
Elvis Presley
Who killed Kenny?
Name the band - songs include "Psycho Killer, Road To Nowhere"?
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