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What type of plant does Broom Hilda sell
Venus flytrap
This band's highly original video for "Whip it," characterized by red flower pot hats was criticized for being both sado-masochistic and racist?
This term means to play smoothly?
Name the band - songs include "Monday Monday, California Dreamin'"?
The Mamas and the Papas
Who is the elder statesman of 'british blues', and fronted 'The Bluesbreakers'?
John Mayall
He was known as the "Elephant Man".
Joseph Merrick
In what city does Fat Albert live?
Who sings 'Sweet Home Alabama'?
Lynyrd Skynyrd
What did Dagwood give up to marry Blondie?
A family inheritance
The film 'The Wizard Of ______'?
What does Steven Spielberg try to include in every film he makes, claiming it is for luck?
Scene With A Shooting Star
What was the first CD pressed in the USA?
Born In The USA
What is the official birthplace of country music?
Tarzan had a chimpanzee, what was his name?
In the TV series 'The Fall Guy', who did Lee Majors play?
Colt Seavers
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