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What film featured a cat named Mr. Bigglesworth?
Austin Powers
An alien creature in a funny hat has opposed both Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Where is he from
What was John Wayne's real name?
Marion Morrison
Bugs always finds himself at the wrong end of a gun, usually toted by either Elmer Fudd or who
Yosemite sam
In which film did Henry Fonda play a fallen priest?
The Fugitive
What group refused to have their pictures taken while they were not in their makeup?
In the 60s Mokees Song Here comes Tommorow who does Davey Jones say he Loves?
Sandra and Mary
Which brand of guitar is played by Jimmy Page, Slash, and Brian May?
Gibson Les Paul
What instrument does Woody Allen play?
Which magician did Lothar assist?
What entertainer is allowing one of his songs to be used in a government campaign to beat drunk driving?
Michael Jackson
The two rival gangs in "West Side Story" were the Sharks and the _________.
Forrest ____ liked shrimp.
In what film did Whoopi Goldberg make her screen debut?
The Color Purple
This film starring Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood won the best picture Oscar for 1961.
West Side Story
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